Study Abroad Alum


Welcome back from study abroad! Do you often find yourself thinking about the study abroad or internship program that you recently returned from? Have you been telling people that it was a great experience and something everyone should try? Do you want to spread the joy of studying abroad around campus? Well, here’s your chance to tell people about it.

The Study Abroad Alum program is designed exclusively for study abroad past participants to spread the word about international experiences and encourage more students to go abroad.

The most powerful tool for getting more students to take the leap and study abroad is for them to hear about the experience from you. You will have the opportunity to speak to prospective students, current Bennies and Johnnies, groups preparing to study abroad, parents, and others interested in international education.

This volunteer experience will allow you to:

Become a Study Abroad Alum! Here’s how:

1. Complete the Study Abroad Alum Application

2. Attend a training (see email for schedule)

You must complete the application and participate in a training in order to be considered a part of this program.

Please feel free to contact Center for Global Education if you have any questions or would like more information.

We look forward to learning more about your study abroad experience!