Campus Community

Join a Student Group

Reconnect with the College of Saint Benedict +Saint John's University campus community. Join one of the many student groups on campus related to your personal, academic, or international interests. Consider creating your own club if one of these does not meet your interests.

Consider Getting Involved with International Students on campus

During your time off campus, you no doubt encountered cultures new to you. Why not continue? Connect with international or exchange students from our partner Universities on campus or get involved with one of many CSB+SJU Short Term Exchange Programs where we have students from Japan stay on our campus for a month at a time. Participate in the Peer Mentor Program to be connected!

The annual Festival of Cultures is an event, where you can represent your program or country. This event is held in November of each year.  For more information, go the Multicultural Services website.

Academic Globally Focused Courses and Minors

Naturally, any foreign language class will help you continue your experience, but there are many other opportunities out there! Check out the Course Catalog to find out courses that may fit your particular interests.  College of Saint Benedict+Saint John's University has a number of academic minors through which you can work with other like-minded students with a global focus. 

Be Global, Locally

Community engagment Courses at the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

Typically each semester, there are  courses at CSB+SJU that involve community engaged learning. The next time you register, consider taking one of these courses.  A list of service-learning courses can be found on the Service-Learning Program website.

Community Engagement in the Community

Take advantage of the myriad of opportunities the University offers for community engagement within the area and Minnesota. On campus, Campus Ministry or XPD has many resources to help you facilitate volunteer experiences.  Also, the Central Minnesota United Way has a great database for seeking out volunteer opportunities that range from one-time commitments to sustained weekly involvement of two to ten hours over a period of time.