Spring 2015 People's Choice Voting

"Johnnies and Bennies around the World" Photo Contest
People's Choice Voting

  • The CSB/SJU community will choose the winner of the Photo Contest.
  • It is your job to look at the photos located below and pick your favorite.
  • Please remember that you can only vote once, so make it count.
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All winners of the CSB/SJU Study Abroad Photo Contest will be announced on our website February 20.

Entry #1
Photo Name: China's Hidden Splendor

Description: A few months before leaving I didn't know it existed, but China's Yunnan province holds pure and untapped natural beauty that simply cannot be replicated. After 16 miles of hiking through gorges, rivers, and mountains, talking with local herdsman, and drinking water from pure glacial runoff, my friend Nick and I found a rock that overlooked the valley below. The awe and grandeur of this place kept me wanting to step out further, but the wind and jagged cliffs begged otherwise. I never dreamed that I would be having one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life on top of a rock in a remote province of China, but that's just one of the many pleasant surprises my study abroad experience had to offer.

Entry #2
Photo Name: Guatemalan Exploration

Description: Study abroad is about immersion-it's about the breathtaking sites, unfamiliar sounds, nauseating smells, puzzling language and exhilarating adventures of your new home. It's about intentionally breaking down the barriers that previously held you back from understanding and loving a new place. And sometimes, even more importantly, study abroad is about willingly hopping in the back of a beat-up Guatemala pickup truck and saying, "let's go."

Entry #3
Photo Name: Land of 10,000 Lakes meets land of the Swiss Alps

Description: Sitting in a small kayak in between sky-high mountains, it is a humbling experience to realize how big and beautiful the world can be. No electronics, no studying, no obligations, just cherishing the moment. As Bennies and Johnnies, we have all experienced the wonders of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes but in a small village of 426, paddling felt exhilarating to explore the country with my fellow Bennies and Johnnies on Lake Brienz in Switzerland.

Entry #4
Photo Name: In the Bamboo Groves

Description: On this day, we bumped into each other near the entrance of the Bamboo Groves unexpectedly. We were astonished and delighted that fate brought us together to this place. From there, we took a stroll and enjoyed the peacefulness of the Bamboo Groves as one. A significant part of our study abroad experience was having these unexpected moments. Sometimes, things are just meant to be. Expect the unexpected during your study abroad trip, and embrace the surprise.

Entry #5
Photo Name: We aDOORe Italy and Greece

Description: These 28 photos represent everyone in our Roman-Greco group. Every member is illustrated in front of a different door or entryway. The idea behind this piece was simply to illustrate all of the very different and beautiful people on our trip and all of the wonderful places we visited in both Italy and Greece. The pictures range from the doors of the Duomo in Florence, Italy to an entryway in the ancient ruins in Delphi, Greece and everywhere in between. I think it's safe to say we all had a beautiful, life-changing experience, greatly credited to the places we went, but even more so because of the people we were with. In the words of Walt Disney, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Entry #6
Photo Name: Jump Right In

Description: As my time was winding down in Chile, I wanted to have a last shot of the sunset over the Pacific. When I went to the sand dunes north of my city, we found the perfect spot to grab the ultimate "jumping photo". After many failed attempts of jumping around in sand, we got the perfect shot!

Entry #7
Photo Name: Top of the World

Description:  Untersberg mountain is the main mountain around Salzburg. We had climbed up it earlier in the semester but on our last day in Salzburg, we took the cable car up the mountain. It was covered in snow and there was an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. Spending time on that mountain with the friends I had made during the semester was amazing. We reflected on how far we had come in such a short time and how close we had become as a group. Looking down from Untersberg, we were able to reflect on Salzburg and the memories we had created there. It was the perfect way to end the perfect trip.

Entry #8
Photo Name: The Peace Wall

Description: Modern Northern Ireland is still home to prejudice among Catholics and Protestants. This conflict originated in the 1600s, and for the Irish, has been a lifelong struggle. In Belfast, Northern Ireland, we visited the "Peace Wall". This is a 25 ft wall that still, to this day, separates communities of Catholics and Protestants. Believers of peace and harmony have created murals, written messages, and conveyed their hope of eventual peace on this wall for many years. It was an amazing experience for everyone in our group to contribute, even if it is small, to spreading and encouraging peace.

Entry #9
Photo Name:Meteora Magic

Description: Meteora, Greece was one of my favorite places during my study abroad experience. A small group of Bennies and Johnnies planned an independent weekend trip to Meteora in the early hours of the morning that we left. This trip was the most spontaneous thing I have ever done, but that made it ten times better. The views were great, the company was even better, and the memories we took from this trip will last a lifetime.

Entry #10
Photo Name: 1914-2014

Description: Poppies were planted all around the Tower of London in commemoration of WWI. Poppies were the only thing that grew on the mud-ridden battlefields. In our British Life and Cultures class, we learned about the significance of Poppies, the controversy surrounding wearing a poppy, and we had a guest poet talk to us about WWI poetry. On the day I took this picture, I had to wait almost a half hour because the crowd overlooking it was so dense-and silent.

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