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Fall 2016 People's Choice Voting

"Bennies and Johnnies" around the World" Photo Contest People's Choice Voting

  • The CSB/SJU community will choose the winner of the Photo Contest.
  • It is your job to look at the photos located below and pick your favorite.
  • Please remember that you can only vote once, so make it count.
  • Also tell all your friends to vote!

Entry #1
Photo Name: Taking in the View, Summer Italy

Description: This photo encompasses what study aboard should be about. Learning, exploring, and truly enjoying all that is around us with all of our senses; to feel, smell, touch and see. But most importantly, to let those feelings radiate through our body, uncontrolled and unrestricted, because this maybe the only time we feel those feelings again.

Entry #2
Photo Name: CSB/SJU Out in the Outback, Australia

Description: Our study abroad group spent a week in the outback and we visited many beautiful places, one of those being the salt flats. When you walk on the salt flats, you make an imprint in the ground as you break the layer of salt on top. Realizing this, I decided we needed to do a group photo and better yet, leave a piece of CSB/SJU in Australia for the world to see. 

Entry #3
Photo Name: 'duct views, Spain

Description: Some of my favorite memories throughout my semester abroad were spent sitting at the top of the Aqueduct. We would get ice cream, coffee, donuts, or just sit up there to watch the sunset after class. It became my "happy place" for the semester and it will forever remain that way.

Entry #4
Photo Name: Total Immersion, South Africa 

Description: On one weekend excursion the CSBSJU crew went to Bulungula, Wild Coast. While there we underwent a transformation to Xhosa women with the local's initiation called Women Power. We learned how to cook local cuisine, make fire, and collect wood in the thorny underbrush. The scenery made the experience, rolling green hills scattered with round, pastel-colored Xhosa homes. This experience will alway hold a special spot in our hearts with the Xhosa Culture and country of South Africa.

Entry #5
Photo Name: Serendipity, Guatemala

Description: In an ancient cultural center like Tikal, we learned about the history of the Mayan civilization in Guatemala. However, we also learned about ourselves and how we form close relationships with other people. This photo captures the true "serendipitous" spirit of our group and the many laughs and memories that we shared together.

Entry #6
Photo Name: Johnny Pride, Greece

Description: This photo was captured on top of the Temple of Poseidon. It encompasses the beauty and between the bonds that are made while abroad. This photo displays the few but tightly knit group of Johnnies appreciating their new bond together while enjoying the sunset in Greece.

Entry #7

Photo Name: Be Human. Get Human. Stay Human., Germany


Description: A simple, yet colorful reminder that we're all human. Be human. Get human. Stay human. And most importantly, remember that others are human. The Holocaust was and is a huge part of a world's history and this image on the wall stood out the most to me because of its true words. 

Entry #8
Photo Name: Surfing the Sand dunes of Western Australia

Description: This photo grasps the beauty of Western Australia along with the enjoyment of a new adventure. Sand boarding was an activity that none of us had done before and most of us took a shot at it not knowing what we were getting into. We went with the flow and that is what made our adventure so wonderful. 

Entry #9
Photo Name: Beach Running, Summer Ireland

Description: This picture represents a busy college student running all over the place. The forestry background represents something unknown, something to be discovered, like studying abroad. The college student running towards an opportunity that might be once in a life time. The reflection on the water represents when our time in college has past and we reflect on our time abroad. 

Entry #10
Photo Name: Reaching High, South Africa

Description: Every Monday and Tuesday morning, 11 members of our group would pile on a bus and head down to Pendla Primary School in New Brighton, which is one of the many black townships that surround the Port Elizabeth area. There, we spent the majority of our time trying to navigate through the totally crazy atmosphere of the school day, and trying to perfect our Xhosa "clicks" with the help of the students. I was lucky enough to have Reina in the 3rd grade classroom with me, since there were about 50 students with only one teacher! This picture was taken on our last day at Pendla, after we finished repainting a mural in their courtyard. Before, it only had a few handprints, but we decided to let every student and teacher put their handprint on the wall as a way to help build the community and morale at the school. 

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