Fall 2017 People's Choice Voting

"Through the Lens" CSB/SJU Education Abroad Photo Contest People's Choice Voting

  • The CSB/SJU community will choose the winner of the Photo Contest.
  • It is your job to look at the photos located below and pick your favorite.
  • Please remember that you can only vote once, so make it count.
  • Also tell all your friends to vote!

Entry #1
Photo Name: Westminster Bridge
Location: United Kingdom

Description: London is known for being a busy city. The location where this photo was taken, Westminster Bridge, is one of the busiest places at any time of the day and is also the location of the terrorist incident last spring. I took the photo on a camera setting that shows the motion of the people well and illustrates how they are busy and in a hurry. It puts into focus the still objects around them like the Parliament Building and Big Ben. We are surrounded by beautiful structures, historic buildings, and remarkable creation and we become so used to seeing it that we stop enjoying and appreciating it. Living in London felt like a dream to me. I could not believe, every single day, that I could look out my window or take the Tube a few stops and see some of the most famous sights in the world.

Entry #2
Photo Name: 6122427012
Location: Roncesvalles, Spain

Description: This picture was taken on the first day of hiking the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. We stopped in one of the most famous places to stay after the first day of hiking in the town of Roncesvalles,Spain after leaving from St. Jean Pied de Port, France. Unfortunately, there was not enough space for us to stay in the famous hostel. So as we were leaving to the next town to find a place to stay we passed this sign which informed us of how many kilometers were left on the pilgrimage.


Entry #3
Photo Name: Birds Eye View
Location: Ireland

Description: This picture was taken with a drone at the cliffs of Moher on a rare day when the weather permitted actually cooperated!

Entry #4
Photo Name: Pausa
Location: Guatemala

Description: Pausa was arguably the best time of each day in Guatemala. At our language school, Celas Maya, we completed one-on-one tutoring sessions for multiple hours each day. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish in contrast to a standard classroom setting! Although we loved seeing the improvement we would make each day, we also cherished 30 minutes of pausa where we could grab some bread and tea from the school’s kitchen and relax in their beautiful courtyard. Living in the mountainous region of Guatemala, it was also a great chance to soak up the warmth of the midday sun! Our program directors would often join us during pausa as we shared our struggles, our victories, and plans for future adventures within the city. Some of us used the time for a quick siesta, others a chance to buy a quick chocobanano from down the street, and the rest a chance to learn from other international students the reasons for why they chose to work so diligently to learn a new language! What a great reminder it was to stop and breathe, to soak in the environment around you, and to find presence in the pausa.

Entry #5
Photo Name: Mother and Child
Location: India

Description: During my study abroad experience I worked with a lot of children and women and that was something I really enjoyed whether it be games and activities or teaching them English it was just always a good time. During my time in India myself as well as the other members of the group were placed in rural villages where were welcomed by a crowd of exited children. This photo was taken in the village of my housekeeper it was an honored experience to be in the place where she had grown up and lived all her life and wanting to show my roommate and I where she came from.

Entry #6
Photo Name: The Rainbow and The Aqueduct
Location: Segovia, Spain

Description: This photo was taken toward the end of my time in Segovia. On a rainy day in April a rainbow formed and could be seen through the aqueduct. The aqueduct was the center of my life in Segovia. Everything about the city was oriented through it and I passed under it no less than twice per day. I think the rainbow is also significant; sometimes things weren't easy, but in the end everything turned out beautifully.

Entry #7
Photo Name: River Market
Location: Thailand


Description: This photo reflects the significance of study abroad because it shows how much of the culture is around the market world. Markets are the main part of the culture and economy of Thailand, which also includes the JJ Market which is the largest market in the world. While we were taking a boat to a Buddhist temple we ran into this woman who was selling products off of her canoe. She rowed up to us and offered us her products that she had hand-made. This just shows how important it is to embrace all of the aspects that the culture of another country has to offer, even the small things. To us, this may just seem like a fun lady who likes to sell her items on the river, but to her, buying her product helps her that much more in earning a living. It's all about perspective.

Entry #8
Photo Name: Switzerland Sunrise
Location: Switzerland


Description: Studying abroad helped me understand that despite the vast differences each culture and country in the world has, there are some things that we all have in common. Watching the sunrise over the Swiss alps was a reminder of the interconnectedness that we all share.

Entry #9
Photo Name: Castle Outlook
Location: Valladolid, Spain

Description: Exploring was more meaningful when done with a group of friends to share the experience with.

Entry #10
Photo Name: Top of The World
Location: South Africa

Description: This photo was taken at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town. We were in Cape Town for our group Spring Break trip. The hike up was strenuous but once at the top the views of Cape Town were definitely worth the hike.

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