Fall 2018 People's Choice Voting

CSB/SJU Center for Global Education Photo Contest People's Choice Voting

  • The CSB/SJU community will choose the winner of the Photo Contest.
  • It is your job to look at the photos located below and pick your favorite.
  • Please remember that you can only vote once, so make it count.
  • Also tell all your friends to vote!

Entry #1
Photo Name: Lucky Bay
Location: Esperance, Western Australia 

Description: This photo was taken during three students first independent road trip abroad. It was an experience that brought us freedom, confidence, and some amazing views.

Entry #2
Photo Name: Winter Castle
Location: Segovia, Spain

Description: This photograph was taken after a heavy winter storm, which buried the town of Segovia in more snow than had been seen in over twenty years. For many Spaniards, the cold weather and cloudy skies can put them in a foul mood. Just like the weather, our own experiences abroad could be unexpected and disheartening at times. However, by supporting each other and keeping a positive attitude, we were often able to make the best out of an inconvenient situation. This photograph is a tribute to those silver linings, and the beauty that can be found in the bleakest of winters.

Entry #3
Photo Name: Culture of Colors
Location: Xela, Guatemala