While Students are On-Site

While Abroad

Students abroad experience a wide array of emotions. You may be their outlet during a particularly stressful time, or you may not hear from them for weeks because they are busy experiencing their host country. Both of these scenarios can be very challenging for family and friends back home. It is important to establish a communication plan with your loved one and discuss how frequently you will call, skype, or email. Please remember, we encourage students to fully engage in their host communities, and that may mean that you hear from them less often than you would during a standard semester on campus at CSB/SJU. This does not mean they care about you less, but simply that they are truly experiencing their semester abroad. If you notice significant changes in the behavior of your son or daughter or have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact CGE.

Parents of students abroad often wish to visit their sons and daughters. It is a wonderful opportunity for the entire family, but keep in mind that students are truly studying abroad, with required class hours and study time. Be sure to have your son or daughter talk to the program director to find the best time for you to visit. Select a time when he/she would not be otherwise engaged in program courses or excursions and activities. We suggest you consider visiting during a program break or before or after the program. If you do visit at a time when they are expected to be in class, please understand that your student won't be able to devote their entire time to family activities. Visits from family and friends are not reasons for excused absences.