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How does one choose a program with so many options available ?

There are a million reasons why someone might choose to study abroad in a particular location. Every study abroad program offers its own culture and design. The most important thing for students to consider is how a particular program will contribute to their own goals and desired outcomes. It is important for students to be deliberate in selecting the right program. CSB/SJU challenges its students to choose a program that matches their academic, personal, and professional goals.

By choosing the best learning experience possible, students will learn about the world, magnify the value of their major or minor, improve their resume, and further their career. College is the ideal time for students to pursue this experience, as it is one of the easiest times in their lives to spend an extended period of time abroad. Once students enter the "real world", it will become much more difficult, if not impossible, to spend this much time immersed in an international culture.

All CSB/SJU students are encouraged to attend a Study Abroad 101 session to begin gathering information about international options.

Because our 17 semester-long and dozens of short-term study abroad programs are coordinated and sponsored by CSB/SJU, students will easily transfer credits back to their on-campus degree program. However, in order to pick a suitable program, we encourage you and your son/daughter to ask the following questions:

  1. Can my son/daughter study abroad and still graduate in four years?
    Yes! Some majors with extensive requirements or sequential classes may take more careful planning than others. It may be that a semester-long study abroad program does not fit into the four-year plan, but a short-term program is always a great alternative.
  2. My son/daughter would like to study abroad more than once. Is this possible?
    Certainly! Students should meet with their academic advisors early in their academic career at CSB/SJU to map out a plan to ensure they utilize all of the opportunities available to them, while still graduating on time. With the flexibility of our short-term study abroad opportunities, students often opt to complete a semester-long study abroad and visit other countries during a short-term study abroad trip.
  3. Can our family afford a study abroad experience?
    Study Abroad does cost more than a semester at CSB/SJU because there are added costs like international airfare and the increased cost of living at many of our sites (i.e. it is more expensive for your daily necessities in London than in St. Joseph or Collegeville, MN). However, it is always important to look at the big picture. Many of our programs have minimal on-site costs, whether due to decreased cost of living (i.e. China, Guatemala, and India) or the fact that students meals are all covered in homestay experiences (Chile, Guatemala, India, and Spain). CSB/SJU provides several resources to help families plan for the financial obligations of study abroad. We encourage your family to plan early.