Short-Term Exchange Program India


One of our newest partnerships is with St. Xavier's College in Kolkata, India. While CSB/SJU students travel to India for a semester-program, students from St. Xavier's are welcomed to Minnesota for a month-long program in the fall. We will host students from India for the fifth time in 2015.

Program Details:

During their time visiting our campuses, students from St. Xavier's are able to experience a liberal arts education system. Students enjoy participating in some classes in their major field of study and other elective courses. The opportunity to take courses outside of their major is quite exciting for the St. Xavier's students who typically focus on one field of study in India. Their participation in courses alongside CSB/SJU students provides students from both countries with the opportunity to learn about different approaches and perspectives. The students from St. Xavier's also take a course designed specifically for them which addresses a wide variety of important US issues. One highlight of the program is a weekend spent with a homestay family. Students are also able to take advantage of the many events on campus such as football games, speakers, and other social and cultural events.