Short-Term Exchange Program Chile


The partnership between CSB/SJU and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) began in 2005. Each fall, the Center for Global Education sends a cohort of Bennies and Johnnies to study at UAI in Viña del Mar. Since 2009, CSB/SJU has offered a short-term program to the Chileans on our campus over the summer.

Program Details:

During their stay, the students from UAI take an American History and Culture course which is specifically designed for them. The course is created with the intention of breaking down stereotypes of the US and exposing the students to a wide variety of important issues. The students also have an ESL session in the afternoons and participate in many outdoor activities. One weekend of the program is spent on a homestay with past and future Chile study abroad participants. For Bennies and Johnnies who have studied in Chile, this is a great way to continue their experience back home. It is also a wonderful opportunity for students who are looking forward to their semester in Chile because they can make some local friends before they arrive. In addition to the homestay weekend, students spend one weekend exploring historical and cultural sites in the Twin Cities.