Why Study Abroad


There are many factors to consider when deciding where, when and whether or not to study abroad. This section offers some compelling reasons to take the plunge.

  1. Personal growth: Studying abroad can be life-altering experience; helping you become more independent and self-confident. It is also a chance for you to develop new skills, personal identity, flexibility and creativity.
  2. New perspective on world affairs: Through studying abroad, your horizons will be expanded. Returning students often agree that they have become more global and less ethnocentric.
  3. Understand and celebrate diversity: By studying abroad you can become much more culturally sensitive and accepting.
  4. Experience a different education system: This is a chance for you to be exposed to a unique academic structure.
  5. Acquire a new perspective on your own culture: Studying abroad offers a chance to step outside your cultural norms and to reflect on your culture. Many returning students find that they have discovered as much of their own country and its culture as they did about their study abroad country.
  6. Gain language fluency: Study abroad sets up the most favorable environment to learn a foreign language.
  7. Connecting people: This is the chance for you to make lifetime friendships with people from different countries and with those in your group. Enjoy the lifelong fellowship!
  8. Keep up with the ever-changing world: Study abroad equips students with the ability to keep pace with globalization. It helps student develop a globally-focused mentality.
  9. Resume-building: As you establish connections with locals; consider the possibility of returning to the host country for an international internship - perfect for career enhancement.
  10. Defy convention: Step out of your comfort zone, take up the challenge, choose your path and let your dreams come true!