Short-Term Program Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policies

Withdrawal from a short-term study abroad program must be made in writing to the Center for Global Education. The $300 application is non-refundable. 

In the case of withdrawal due to serious health matters or accidents, all recoverable fees will be refunded with the exception of the application fee. Written notification from the student is required, in addition to a doctor's statement. 

Cancellation Fees/Dates for CSB/SJU Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Withdrawal between December 15 and February 1

  • $150 cancellation fee
  • Unrecoverable costs

Withdrawal after February 1

  • $300 cancellation fee
  • Unrecoverable costs

Tuition Refund

If a student withdraws before the short-term program begins, their tuition charge will be removed from their account and they will not be required to pay the tuition charges.