Brooke Dummer

Brooke is an Ambassador who studied abroad in Italy and Greece

Major: Nutrition - Dietetics

Why did you choose to study abroad and how did you decide on this program?

Coming into college, CSB/SJU was the only school that promoted studying abroad during tours. So when I decided on St. Ben's, I had a pretty good idea that I wanted to do a semester abroad. I had never been to Greece before and it had been on my bucket list for a long time. The Roman-Greco program was perfect for giving me the opportunity to visit two very different cultures and having two new places to call home for a semester!

Briefly describe a specific cultural experience you had on your trip that made a lasting impression.

Everyday on our way to school, we would walk by the Vatican. One day, we had the opportunity to have a private Mass in St. Peter's Basilica and later attend a papal audience. It was such a surreal experience to have the opportunity to listen to Pope Francis. There was amazing energy from the crowd, and it is an experience I will never forget.

Describe your overall study abroad experience.

The Roman-Greco program was better than anything I could have imagined! I have come to realize so much more about the world and myself, and I'd love to share my experience with anyone considering studying abroad.

Based on your experiences abroad, what are some of the benefits of spending a semester abroad? How has studying abroad contributed to your personal, academic, and professional development?

Study abroad sets you up for challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone. Overall, I am now more confident and independent than I was before. Professionally, as a nutrition major, I was able to experience first hand the differences in lifestyle and diet between the U.S. and much of Europe. You get to make the experience entirely your own while also sharing it with the other amazing Bennies and Johnnies on your trip. I was able to come home with new friends and a whole new perspective of the world!

What advice can you offer for CSB/SJU students who are considering or planning to study abroad?

If you are considering study abroad, I would definitely encourage you to do it. Study abroad gives you an opportunity to live and immerse yourself into a culture very different from what you may experience here in St. Joseph, Minnesota. How often do you get to say you've lived in another country?