Getting started


There are many options of where and how to go abroad with CSB/SJU.

  • 18 Semester-long Programs (Australia, Austria, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece and Italy, Guatemala, India, Ireland-Cork, Ireland-Dublin, Ireland-Galway, Japan, London, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Spain)
  • Short-term Programs: These trips take place all over the globe and change every year. They range from 1 to 8 weeks and are sponsored through various on-campus departments and offices .
  • Volunteer/Service-Learning Opportunities: Sponsored by the CSB/SJU Campus Ministry Offices.  These short-term international trips allow you to experience the country through service.
  • External Study Abroad: Students who wish to participate in a program not otherwise provided by CSB/SJU may apply independently through an external program. To get started, meet with a study abroad program manager to discuss your program and other academic matters.

Start Your Search:

Before You Go:

  • Explore in-depth your #1 program and have a plan B.
  • Schedule an individual advising session with a CGE staff member. 
  • Attend a Study Abroad 201 session to help you prepare your application and interview.
  • Apply to Study Abroad (Deadline is January of the year prior to study abroad).
  • Complete the interview process to be accepted to your program.
  • Attend all pre-departure orientation sessions.

While Abroad:

  • Network to build personal and professional connections for the future.
  • Make the most out of your experience by fully immersing yourself into the new cultures.

Upon Return:

  • Attend the Welcome Back Dinner
  • Become a Study Abroad Ambassador.
  • Reconnect with your Study Abroad and Journey groups.
  • Consider an Alternative Break Experience (ABE) with CSB/SJU Campus Ministries.
  • Meet with The Experience and Professional Development Office to explore internationally focused careers or internships.
  • Utilize your study abroad experience as more than just one line on your resume.
  • Explore ways to go abroad again after graduation. Look into Short-term, Volunteer, Intern and Work Abroad programs.
  • Considering graduate school? Why not try it abroad!