Virtual Semester Ireland & UK Internships

Ireland or UK Virtual Internships

Spring Semester: January 25 - April 2, 2021

Dates overlap with Blocks A, B & C on campus. 

This program is in collaboration with the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship

Virtual Internship Information Session

When: Wednesday, October 21

Time: 4 pm - 4:30 pm

Zoom Link 
Meeting ID: 392 047 8720 

This spring complete a virtual international internship as part of your coursework on campus. This virtual internship can replace a course on campus or it can be a great addition to your 4 other courses this spring semester.  On this program you would spend 15-20 hours a week a week for 10 weeks (January 25 to April 2), completing an online internship placement with a small to mid-sized Irish or British company. This internship placement would also have an online academic course taught by our partner FIE.   

Program Highlights

  • Complete an virtual non-paid internship with a British or Irish company for 10 weeks averaging 15-20 hours per week
  • Enhance your intercultural and communications skills while working from home
  • Acquire valuable digital skills that will help set you apart with skills that include motivation, working across time-zones, self-discipline, self-confidence, and the ability to operate entirely through online environments.
  • Build skills in digital technologies as well as in essential skills areas, such as intercultural communication skills across digital distance.

Explore Complete Details on the Ireland or UK Virtual Internship - Spring CSB/SJU Global Portal.

Course and Program Information

Course Name: International Internship

Course Number: SA 397

Credit Number: 2-4 credits (regardless of credits, all students complete the same number of internship placement hours; preference given to students who want to complete this for 4 credits)

Designation: Experiential Learning (EL)

Time Commitment10 weeks averaging 15-20 hours per week. For course planning purposes for Spring 2021, it is key to give yourself mornings free to connect with your international company, so be sure to look for courses in the afternoon for blocks A, B, and C to allow for this interactions. This can allow for you to be successful 

Course Description: Spend part of your spring semester in a virtual non-paid internship with an Ireland or UK company, coupled with an academic course with our partner FIE. The International Internship Course nurtures an understanding of digital cultures and hones independent working and time management skills. The course component is delivered through video lectures, complemented by readings, materials and exercises. For virtual students, there is an online forum discussion space, led by faculty, to reflect on their internship and to discuss readings.   Our partner, FIE will also provide three one-to-one coaching sessions by your FIE Internship Mentor.  These facilitate professional development, virtual competencies and career readiness.  Please find a link here to the FIE Online International Internship Course outline/syllabus

What types of internships can be virtual?

A range of business areas.  You may be working on marketing projects, undertaking research for a start-up or putting a company’s brand message out on various social media platforms.  

You will be placed in a British or Irish company according to your own strengths and interests. If you are flexible and looking to gain transferable workplace skills, you are well-suited to a virtual internship option.

Virtual internships span these sectors:

  • Marketing, Advertising & Design
  • Film & Video Editing
  • Charity & Non-Profit
  • Business Administration
  • Communications & Journalism

All internship placements are procured by FIE, so students will not need to find their own internship.

Program Cost & Financial Considerations

Students participating in this course will pay the normal semester cost of attendance at CSB/SJU, which includes Tuition and other required fees along with housing and food costs  if applicable.  There is no additional tuition costs or program fees* associated with this course, unless a student needs to pay for an overload over 18 credits in order to participate.

*Due to the administrative costs associated with the placement process of our FIE partner, students who cancel from this opportunity after December 15 will need to pay a $500 cancellation fee. 

Included in Course:
  • Individualized placement matching using FIE’s 20 years experience and industry networks
  • A virtual internship placement experience with a company based in Ireland or the UK 
  • Preparation with an online orientation and guidance throughout
  • A dedicated FIE Internship Mentor  
  • Networking and forum discussion opportunities with other FIE interns 
  • Employer feedback (appraisal) on your performance
  • Expert academic contextualization through an online course with academic credit 

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