Thai Culture, Society, and Business

Thailand, Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Tentative Dates: May 17 - June 5, 2023

Program Highlights

  • Explore the influence of Thai culture and society on Thai business
  • Engage with businesses, and cultural sites in Bangkok & Chiang Mai; options may include local entrepreneurial ventures, local boutiques with arts and crafts, major corporations, agricultural farms, textile factories, etc.
  • Visit local attractions like the Pattaya Beach, Buddhist Temples and the Thai Royal Grand Palace.
  • Learn about the Hmong Hilltribe communities while doing a short homestay
  • Day trip to Elephant Jungle Sancturary to learn about Thai elephants and their caretaking; feed the elephants banana and sugar cane, learn basic commands, and even help bathe some of the resident elephants
  • Explore craft shops and stalls, learn how different products are made- from silk umbrellas to cotton weaving and lacquer ware

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Course & Program Information

Course Name: Thai Culture, Society, and Business

Course Number: COLG 280T

Credit Number: 2

Common Curriculum: Intercultural (IC)

Integrations Curriculum: Global Engagement (GL) 

This course is your introduction and orientation to Thailand's culture and society and how these factors influence Thai business. You will be exposed to Thai culture in a variety of ways including readings, hands-on cultural activities, and visits to local universities and businesses to help introduce you to Thailand in a meaningful way. The course is intended for you to gain an understanding of Thai cultural norms and to explore Thai national cuisine, arts and architecture, and religion. You will learn about Thai society and the Royal Family, their history and works, including the state of Thai society in the past and in the present including social structures, way of life and Thai wisdom. The course is intended for you to develop an appreciation for the Thai daily life along with beliefs, values and characteristics of Thai people, Thai etiquette, and Buddhist lifestyles. You will gain an understanding of how all these dimensions of Thai culture may influence Thai business today. 

Program Cost & Financial Considerations

During a summer program abroad, CSB/SJU students will pay the cost of the required 2 CSB/SJU credits at the reduced summer tuition rate. In addition, all students studying abroad will pay an Education Abroad Program Fee.  C Program Fee information will be available in September 2021, but you can find more information about costs on theCSB/SJU Global Portal .

Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience. Financial aidand  scholarships may be available to help with program costs, but must be searched out well in advance.   


We will be staying in hotels (double occupancy) on University that is a part of the itinerary for the program. Students will also be participating in a 2 night Homestay experience in a rural Hmong village.  

Program Director Information

Sucharita Mukherjee is a professor of Economics. She also teaches Asian Studies and Gender Studies. She teaches and writes about gender issues especially in the context of South and East Asia, She has led previous Semester program to India and  a few short term programs to Scandinavia. She  is excited to direct the Summer Thailand program. Contact [email protected].