Summer Programs

Short-term study programs at CSB/SJU traditionally occur during the summer. These courses are independent of spring or fall semester classes. All of courses are offered for credit ranging from 2 to 8 CSB/SJU credits and are approximately 2 to 4 weeks long. Programs vary from year to year.

Summer 2020 Study Abroad Programs

Cuba: LLAS 280C Politics, Society, & Culture in Cuba (IC) (Cancelled)
Director: Corey Shouse, HISP/LLAS

Ecuador:BIOL 373G Ecology and Evolution of the Galapagos Islands (EL)
Director: Kristina Timmerman, BIOL

Ecuador: HISP 317/318 Intensive Spanish Composition and Conversation Abroad I or II (Cancelled)
Director: Tania Gomez, HISP

Greece: COLG 280F History, Culture and Sport in Greece (IC) (Program Full)
Director: Janna LaFountaine, ESSS

South Korea: GEND 180 Gender and Culture in South Korea (GE) (Cancelled)
Director: Sucharita Mukherjee, ECON

Spain: HISP 200/211 Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture
Directors: Session I: Sarah Schaff, HISP & Eleonora Bertranou, HISP 

Sweden & Denmark: ENVR 280A Sustainable Scandinavia
Director: Jean Lavigne, ENVR

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