Gender and Sexuality Studies in Sweden and the Netherlands

Uppsala, Sweden & Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 3 - August 20, 2018

Program Highlights

  • Spend 10 nights in Uppsala, Sweden and 7 nights in Amsterdam, Netherlands!
  • Visit the Feminist Initiative (FI): A political party that has existed in Sweden for 10 years which focuses on equality, social justice, and accessibility
  • Have dinner with local Swedish families to learn about their culture
  • Visit the Prostitution Information Center with a guided tour through the Red Light District to learn more about the current legal framework which governs legal prostitution in the Netherlands to better understand and respect sex workers
  • Participate in a Gay walking tour of Amsterdam to get a sense of the changing socio-spatial development of LBGTQ life in Amsterdam
  • Visit the hub of queer life in Amsterdam (Vrankrijk) and learn about their principles, goals and activities
  • Participate in a screening and discussion with the makers of 'Trans*tapes' which are six short portraits about transgender people living in the Netherlands
  • Take the Canal Tour and experience Amsterdam and its over 400-year-old canal ring 

Program Description

many of us have heard the saying "learn from the best." This is exactly why this study abroad program was created. Sweden and the Netherlands are regarded as some of the most gender equitable countries in the world. Therefore, this program will explore what has made this possible in Northern European region as well as some of the challenges they still face. We will study the cultural issues that surround the social contrition of identity, as well as gain insights into the roles of sex, gender, and sexuality which play out in public policy, activism, and other aspects of "equality" in these countries. We will do this through coursework as well as visiting NGOs, European professionals and activists along with taking in the various cultural experiences the Netherlands and Sweden have to offer. If you have any interest in gender and sexual equality, this is the study abroad program for you! 

Course Information

Course Name: Gender and Culture

Course Code: GEND 180

Credit Number: 2

Designation: Gender 

Program Cost

The estimated Program Fee is $4,500 plus the cost of 2 CSB/SJU credits at the reduced summer tuition rate (approximately $615 per credit). 

This price includes:

  • Accommodations during the program
  • Local transportation and transportation from Stockholm to Amsterdam
  • Course related excursions and meetings with local experts
  • Some group meals 

The Program Fee does not include:

  • Round-trip international airfare to Stockholm and from the Netherlands (estimated at $1500)
  • Food (estimated at $500)
  • Personal money (estimated at $500)


We will be staying as a group at clean and safe hostels. Each country is a little different in room set-up. However, you can be assured you will be sharing rooms with your peers and your program director will be accessible and staying at the same accommodation. 


Janelle Hinchley has been teaching at CSB/SJU for 13 years. She has led 3 semesters of study abroad programs for CSB/SJU. She currently teaches in the Gender Studies Department. Her education and professional experience prior to coming to the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University is in Clinical Social Work. She enjoys teaching, leading study abroad programs, and the adventures of traveling abroad. Her passion related to issues of equity date back to her college days when she fought for the right of the LGBTQ community to have its own student group on campus. She is looking forward to learning the various frameworks and policies Sweden and the Netherlands have to support and encourage gender-based equity.