Advanced Spanish Language and Culture

Otavalo, Ecuador

June 5 - July 2, 2018

Program Highlights

  • Experience the local culture of Otavalo
  • Visit Quito, the capital city of Ecuador
  • Explore the city and its surroundings through walking tours and on your own
  • Service learning is a required component of this course

Program Description

This program is designed to increase accuracy in writing and conversation in Spanish and to facilitate the acquisition of language skills necessary to communicate at an academic level. Classes involve intensive grammar review, selected readings and discussions on Latin American issues, and frequent step by step compositions. A service learning component is required. 

This programs meets the requirements of HISP 311 or 312 on campus. Students cannot enroll in both HISP 317 and HISP 318 at the same time as they are sequential. 

Course Information

Course Name: Spanish Conversation Abroad

Course Number: HISP 317

Credit Number: 4

Prerequisite: HISP 212

Course Name: Spanish Composition Abroad

Course Number: HISP 318

Credit Number: 4

Prerequisite: HISP 311

Program Cost

The estimated Program Fee is $3200 plus the cost of 4 CSB/SJU credits at the reduced summer tuition rate (approximately $615 per credit).

This price includes:

  • Homestay (breakfast and lunch included) and hotel in Quito
  • Local transportation
  • Course-related excursions including admission to musems and cultural attractions
  • Program administrative costs and fees

The Program Fee does not include:

  • One meal per day (estimated at $550)
  • Roundtrip airfare (estimated at $1,500)
  • Personal money (estimated at $700)
  • Activities, housing or transportation not associated with or included in the program


Housing and classroom facilities, along with many other support services, are provided by the Instituto Superior de Español, Otavalo (the Ecaudorian partner institution). Students will stay with families (single occupancy) and breakfast and lunch are included. Internet is provided by most host families. 


Elena Sanchez Mora is a faculty member within the Hispanic Studies Department and has previously led the Chile semester study abroad program and the Valladolid summer program. She has taught HISP 311 and HISP 312 on campus numerous times and is interested in providing opportunities to students who are unable to pursue these courses on campus or study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country or study abroad for an entire semester in a Spanish-speaking country.