Global Medical Brigades

Rural Honduras

May 15 - May 22, 2017

Program Highlights

  • Shadow physicians from the US and Honduras
  • Take patients' vitals and patient history
  • Take in the wonderful sights of rural Honduras
  • Practice your Spanish with local Hondurans (don't worry- translators are provided)
  • Interact with local Honduran children and teach them how to improve their health
  • Observe while dentists deal with complex issues arising from poor dental hygiene
  • Take time to bond with CSB/SJU students as well as other students from the US and Europe interested in global health issues

Program Description

Global Brigades is the largest, student-led, public health and sustainable development program in the world. As a member of our Brigade, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the long-term health of a community in Honduras. Students participate in local fundraising programs to fund the cost of medications and medical supplies desperately needed in rural Honduras. In country, students witness the implementation of programs to increase local knowledge of public health, interact with patients to gather patient histories and vitals, shadow physicians gaining experience with the process of diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of health problems, and serve as teachers explaining various topics in public health to the next generation of Hondurans. Brigaders will also have the opportunity to assist in the planning and implementation of the brigade as a member of our GMB Executive Board. But it's not all work and no play. Our main goal is to improve the health of these communities, but students find plenty of downtime to play volleyball, swim, and chat with the amazing and inspirational people working together towards this goal. 

Program Cost

The estimated Program Fee is $1800 but most/all of this fee will be fundraised. Your GMB executive board is already at work planning the fundraisers. All we need is passionate and willing volunteers. 

This price includes:

  • Cost of medical supplies and medications to stock the clinic
  • Round-trip international airfare from Minneapolis to Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Accommodations and meals during the program
  • Local transportation
  • Program administrative costs and fees

The Program Fee does not include:

  • Personal spending money (estimated at $100-$150)


The brigade will stay on one of the Global Brigades campuses nearest to our clinic communities. Last year, brigaders were housed in El Censo. Accommodations vary slightly but usually include an outdoor dining area, volleyball court and soccer field, bunk beds (8-20 people per room), running water, clean drinking water, bed sheets, pillows and towels (provided daily), laundry and power outlets. Limited cell service and no Wi-Fi will be available in Honduras. 


This brigade is led by a team of students that work closely with the GMB team in Honduras. They have been on our 2016 Brigade, are passionate about public health and would love to answer any questions you have about their experience or the planning process.