Summer 2017

Balkans: Summer Internships,  June 1 - July 31, 2017

Students have the opportunity to participate in an internship either in Bosnia/Herzegovina or Serbia. Students will be placed in one of three cities in Bosnia/Herzegovina, including Sarajevo, Mostar, or Banja Luka, or in the Serbian capital city of Belgrade. There are  a number of placement sites in non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and technology businesses. 

China: Summer Science Research at Southwest University, June 1 - July 31, 2017

The Summer Science Research program at China's Southwest University (SWU) is part of an exchange program that provides Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Environmental Studies majors a unique opportunity for research/experiential learning and travel abroad. CSB/SJU students travel to the campus of Southwest University, located in the Beibei district of China's western municipal-province of Chongqing. Students participate in a research project led by a SWU faculty member. Students conduct research with graduate students from Southwest University- one of China's premier research universities. SWU boasts 97 bachelor programs, 2,650 full-time professors, and 9 post-doctoral research centers and a student population of nearly 50,000. SWU has been a CSB/SJU partner for over 30 years. Recent research projects that CSB/SJU research interns have participated in include: Isolation and Characterization of Phages, Asymmetric Organocatalysis, and the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir Project Research. 

Cuba: Politics, Society and Culture in Cuba,  May 15 - May 26, 2017 (tentative)

Study in Cuba provides a unique opportunity to learn about a nation's past and present, in large part because the past  is present in Cuba. This island nation remains a mystery to many. Hostile relations between the governments of the United States and Cuba sharply limited contact between the two countries for over fifty years. While current U.S. law has somewhat relaxed restrictions on travel of U.S. citizens to Cuba, travelers must still qualify their trip as educational and/or a "cultural people-to-people exchange." This course is both, and provides legal travel to Cuba. It provides a focused immersion into the history, politics, economics, and culture of Cuba, one of the world's few remaining socialist countries. Students read about the historic background of the area and then focus on contemporary political, socio-economic, and cultural issues through meetings with resource people: professors, political and religious leaders and groups, artists and grassroots organizers. The course will be conducted in English but knowledge of Spanish will definitely enhance one's appreciation, but Spanish language ability is not required. 

Dominican Republic: Be the Change: Learning Through Service, May 16 - June 6, 2017 (tentative) - CANCELLED

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" is a well-known Gandhi quote. On this program, students will see firsthand how one family is living out this quote and making a lasting impact on the community of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. Students will be both challenged and inspired by this experience: challenged by the social justice issues they will encounter and inspired by the spirit of the Dominican people and the realization that every person has the ability to positively impact others and make a difference in the world.

Ecuador: Ecology and Evolution of the Galapagos Islands (BIOL 373),  July 11 - August 10, 2017

Upon our arrival in Quito, we will familiarize ourselves with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) campus. An orientation and welcome lunch will welcome us to the country of Ecuador. The Galapagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences (GAIAS), a department of USFQ, develops our trip in terms to our specifications.

Ecuador: Gender and Culture (GEND 180),  May 15 - June 5, 2017- CANCELLED

This program is located in the highland area of Otavalo, Ecuador. To participate students are required to enroll in 4 credit course: GEND 180 (with an Intercultural designation), ILPs or Internship. Students will participate in the course and spend part of their days working in collaboration with an indigenous community on a variety of projects based on student interest and expertise. Some of the ongoing projects  include a youth camp that provides English enrichment through a series of activities that include sports, art, and health components. 

England: London Summer Internships (SA 398),  May 18 - July 16 OR June 15 - August 13, 2017

Spend your summer in an international internship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. London offers a vast resource for experience-based learning. The work environments available to FIE interns cater to almost every major and include the various business sectors, not-for-profit, political, public sector and creative organizations. Through FIE's internship placements, you will have the opportunity to build professional skills, increase industry knowledge and experience while working in a different culture and in a major global city. 

England & France: London and Paris: Culture, Reflection and the Benedictine Connection (COLG280O), May 24 - June 7, 2017- CANCELLED

Did you know Westminster Abbey started off as a Benedictine monastery? That Benedictine Sisters live in the heart of Montmartre, in Paris? Experience London for a week and Paris for another, visiting, observing, reflecting and writing about these two culturally rich cities, their peoples and their connections to us! Pre-travel we will discuss cultural expectations, learn a little French and analyze our own Benedictine heritage. While in Europe, you will have some time to explore on our own and, as a group, we will gather for daily debriefs, reflections and sharing, in order to learn about the English and French cultures, about the Benedictine connection, and most importantly, about ourselves through the lens of "the other." This course is a historically- and culturally-focused short-term program and has been approved for the Experiential Learning (EL) designation. 

Fiji: The Culture and Commerce of Fiji, May 14 - May 31, 2017

Fiji is a beautiful tropical island nation with friendly and welcoming people. On this program we will explore Fiji's culture and history by traveling to remote villages to interact with the Fijian natives- bringing gifts (as is customary) and enjoying traditional ceremonies and native foods. We will explore the history, landscape, culture and diversity of climate with activities that include jet boating, whitewater rafting, zip lining, jetskiing, and hiking historical sand dunes. The program will include visits with representatives of Fiji's commerce- including tourism and agriculture. We will visit outer islands, waterfalls, caves, two national parks, and several of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific. We will also visit Fiji's capital, Suva, to tour the Fiji National Museum and view ancient relics that indicate this was at one time a nation with cannibalistic tribes. We will further explore history and culture by touring the President's Residence, shopping in municipal markets, and touring churches and temples in Suva, Lautoka, and Nadi. We crafted our own custom program to fit in as much as we can in the short time we are there. Near the end of the program, students will have a chance to relax at an island resort where the pace slows and students choose their daily beach activities. 

France & Spain: Christian Spirituality (THEO 330),  May 18 - June 14, 2017 OR July 1 - July 28, 2017- CLOSED

The first session, along the Chemin du Puy, will begin 1,000 miles away from the Santiago de Compostela in Le Puy, France. You will set out walking west for four weeks through the mountains of France's Massif Central and Aubrac Plateau and on through picturesque farm towns nestled into hilly farmland on your way to the foothills of the Pyrenees. The route is rarely flat with fewer pilgrims this far away from Santiago de Compostela. It is the most popular path for pilgrims from Europe headed to Compostela, so while it is encouraged that you speak some French, English-speakers will not find it a challenge to get what you need. Many other pilgrims will not speak English, which will make this program a bit more contemplative when compared with the social aspect of the Camino Frances.

The second session, along the Camino Frances, will begin in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France, and finish in Ponferrada, Spain. You will have the option to continue the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela at your leisure. You will begin walking just as most other people from around the world do by hiking up and over the Pyrenees Mountains on the first day. Being the most popular route to Santiago de Compostela, this program will be characterized much more by interactions with fellow pilgrims among the rich history of places like Pamplona, the Cathedral of Burgos, and Leon. From la Rioja wine region to la Meseta high plains and Galicia's rolling hills, you will be walking the same path, visiting the same monasteries, and sleeping in the same buildings pilgrims have for centuries. 

Germany: Summer Internships,  June 1 - July 31, 2017

Students have the opportunity to participate in an internship in Augsburg and the surrounding area in Germany. There are  a number of placement sites to cater to a wide range of majors, including biology or pre-med, sociology, education, communication, chemistry, Global Business Leadership, Psychology, Computer Science, and many more. Students will be mentored by a CSB alum who works for the University of Augsburg. 

Honduras: Global Medical Brigades, May 15 - May 22, 2017 

Global Brigades is the largest, student-led, public health and sustainable development program in the world. As a member of our Brigade, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the long term health of a community in Honduras. Students participate in local fundraising programs to fund the cost of medications and medical supplies desperately needed in rural Honduras. In country, students witness the implementation of programs to increase local knowledge of public health, interact with patients to gather patient histories and vitals, shadow physicians gaining experience with the process of diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of health problems, and serve as teachers explaining various topics in public health to the next generation of Hondurans. Brigaders will also have the opportunity to assist in the planning and implementation of the brigade as a member of our GMB Executive board. But it's not all work and no play. Our main goal is to improve the health of these communities, but students find plenty of downtime to play volleyball, swim and chat with the amazing and inspirational people working together towards this common goal. 

Ireland: Ireland's People & Culture (COLG 280I), May 15 - June 2, 2017 

Galway, Ireland is located on the west coast of Ireland, and sits on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay. The area is rich in the tradition of the Irish culture, particularly the arts. The area we will be staying in is the largest of the Gaeltacht areas of Ireland (where the government recognizes Irish as the 1st language and the traditional music, dance, and singing are fostered). During the three week Summer Term, you will experience the welcoming people, performing arts, and the incredibly beautiful and diverse landscape of the west coast of Ireland. In addition, learning excursions will take you to other parts of the Island to visit sites that are course related and to give you a taste of the whole island.

Israel: Archaeological Field School (COLG 280P), May 27 - July 1, 2017 (tentative)

In this summer study abroad program, you will take part in a well established archaeological field school at Omrit for 5 weeks. Located in northern Israel, at a crossroads for several important trade routes, Omrit was the site of an impressive and now internationally renowned Greco-Roman temple complex. But this was only part of its rich history. Since 2013 excavation efforts have focused on the recovery of a Roman period settlement surrounding the temples. And in 2015 we brought our first team of students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. It was a huge success! We will build on that success in the 2016 at omrit, which should prove pivotal in our effort to understand the character of this community. Here you will learn all the basics of archaeological methodology, including how to properly excavate, record, draw, and analyze ancient architecture, pottery, coins, and other significant artifacts.

Israel and Palestine: Holy Land Study Tour Pilgrimage, May 16 - June 6, 2017- CANCELLED FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS

Offering more than a typical tour, the Saint John's Holy Land Program sets travel to the biblical sources of the Christian faith within the unique combination of study, pilgrimage, and prayer. Students venture to biblical and early Christian holy sites in Israel and Palestine, places frequented by Christian pilgrims for over 1,700 years. 

Japan: Gender and Culture (GEND 180),  May 15 - June 5, 2017

This program is centered around the class Gender and Culture: Japan. Students will stay in downtown Tokyo on the grounds of Bunkyo Gakuin University. There you will have an opportunity to study alongside Japanese students, attend some guest lectures, and socialize with Japanese college students during your free time. The program will include visits to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and a stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan. The class will examine the ways in which gender and sexuality are experienced and lived in Japan. Students will examine the ways in which gender can intersect with such forms of identity as nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class and religion. 

Nepal: Experiencing Nepal: Environment & Society in the Himalaya (ENVR 200F),  May 11 - June 11, 2017 (tentative)- CANCELLED

This short-term education abroad experience explores some of the environmental, social, and development issues that face Nepal as one of the world's poorest countries but also one of the most diverse and ecologically important. We will examine some of the approaches to development and conservation in Nepal and survey its physical resources, policies that affect the environment, its social diversity, public health issues, and its turbulent socio-political context. We will examine the causes and implications of emerging environmental, political and social issues for the well-being of Nepal and explore the possibilities of sustainable development through eco-tourism and community forestry. In particular, we will examine some of the challenges posed by and responses to the disastrous earthquakes of 2015 and we will spend some time working on earthquake recovery through volunteer service.

Spain: Spanish Language & Culture in Valladolid (HISP 200/211), May 25 - June 29, 2017 OR June 29 - August 3, 2017-  FIRST SESSION CLOSED

The summer program in Valladolid, Spain, is mainly intended for students who are looking to fulfill their language requirement while completely immersing in the Spanish culture. Participants live with Spanish families for the entire duration of the five week program. The program includes visits to historical cities such as Salamanca and Segovia; visits to museums and castles (Coca and Peñafiel), among others, and some social events such as a welcome reception and a farewell dinner.

Sweden: Student Teaching (COLG 380),  May 16 - June 12, 2017

Sweden is one of those countries that many people know is beautiful and peaceful, but the details always seem a bit fuzzy. Famous for its neutral position in so many world conflicts, Sweden is the origin of Pippi Longstocking, the band The Hives and classic Hollywood actresses such as Ingrid Berman and Greta Garbo. Not to mention some of the most beautiful North and Baltic Sea coastlines dotted with picturesque hamlets and rugged archipelago inlets. The Swedish government invests a great deal of time and money into their education system, resulting in a reputation as one of the most effective student-centered learning environments in the world. This study abroad program sets participants directly into the cultural experience with homestays and local school placements which reveal Sweden's multicultural student population.

Sweden & Denmark: Sustainability, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship in Scandinavia (GBUS280A),  August 4 - August 18, 2017 

Sweden and Denmark are world leaders in sustainability, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Both countries invest heavily in research and development in these areas while consistently being ranked as two of the happiest countries in the world. Participants in this course will gain a better understanding of the structures in Sweden and Denmark that help to create this highly innovative, productive, and satisfying environment.

Thailand: Thai Culture, Society, and Business,  May 15 - 30, 2017

This course is your introduction and orientation to Thailand's culture and society and how these factors influence Thai business. You will be exposed to Thai culture in a variety of ways including readings, hands-on cultural activities, and visits to local universities and businesses to help introduce you to Thailand in a meaningful way. The course is intended for you to gain an understanding of Thai cultural norms and to explore Thai national cuisine, arts and architecture, and religion. You will learn about Thai society and the Royal Family, their history and works, including the state of Thai society in the past and in the present including social structures, way of life and Thai wisdom. The course is intended for you to develop an appreciation for the Thai daily life along with beliefs, values and characteristics of Thai people, Thai etiquette, and Buddhist lifestyles. You will gain an understanding of how all these dimensions of Thai culture may influence Thai business today.