International Organizational Behavior in the Bahamian Context

The Bahamas

On Campus: CD mod Fall  2021 - October 18 - December 18, SJU class time TBD
Off Campus: December 26, 2021 - January 7, 2022 (tentative)

Program Highlights

    • Course open to all students regardless of your major & fulfills Intercultural Learning (IC).
    • Develop your skills as a global leader.
    • Gain a greater understanding of business and management practices in the Bahamas with a number of Company visits.
    • Understand the influence of culture on attitudes, communication and behavior.
    • Develop cross-cultural skills to be more effective when dealing with and managing  people from various cultures.
    • Demonstrate the understanding of the challenges of team building and motivation of diverse teams with diverse cultural backgrounds.

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    Course & Program Information

    Course Name: International Organizational Behavior in the Bahamian Context

    Course Number: GBUS 330A

    Credit Number: 4 credits

    Common Curriculum designation: Intercultural (IC) 

    Integrations Curriculum designation: CSD:S & Global Engagement (GLO) (pending)

    Prerequisite: CSD:I for Integration Curriculum students

    Course Description:

    This course combines classroom learning at CSB/SJU during CD mod and ends with an experiential component abroad.  This course is an inter-disciplinary examination of the international dimensions of organizational behavior. Course content includes topics such as cross-cultural management, cross-cultural communication, and global aspects of leadership, motivation, team management, and decision-making. The focus on this course will be on Bahamian culture, incorporating an international field experience to the Bahamas. This course is open to all majors. 


    Program Information:

    CSB/SJU has a decades long relationship with the Bahamas and the economic development of the country. The Bahamas has the largest number of CSB/SJU alumni of any country other than the U.S.  Students taking this course will learn to what extent the Bahamas is a country with a culture that is quite different from the U.S. They will learn how Bahamian history, government and economic development contribute to behavior within organizations.  During the on-campus component, students will learn the foundational international organizational behavior concepts and will develop a basic understanding of Bahamian culture. Students will be assigned a Bahamian organization to research and to develop a case analysis of that company. To synthesize the experience, students will deliver a group presentation to the leadership of the companies that they analyzed during the on-campus portion of course as an Organizational Behavior case study. By completing this course, students will develop effective cross-cultural and organizational skills to be more effective when working with people from various cultures.


    Program Cost & Financial Considerations

    Students on an embedded program will pay an education program fee in addition to the cost of attendance for the semester. Find Program Fee information on theCSB/SJU Global Portal.  

    Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to help with program costs, but must be searched out well in advance.   


    Students will stay in double-occupancy hotel accommodations while in the Bahamas. WIFI is available at all hotel locations.

    Program Director Information

    The program director and instructor for this course is Dr. Deborah Pembleton. Deborah is an Associate Professor in the Global Business Leadership Department. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame and received her masters in business administration from St. Louis University. Deborah has a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota where she focused on International Development Education. She has considerable experience in developing intercultural competence and cross-cultural awareness in students. Through the Academy of Management, she has an extensive network of university professors in international organizational behavior. This is the fourth time Deborah has directed a study abroad program. Deborah has developed and previously led two short-term programs to Thailand and directed the semester program to China with CSB/SJU.

    Contact: [email protected]

    The assistant director, Mary Jepperson, CPA, CFE, is a professor of accounting and finance.  Mary graduated from the College of Saint Benedict where she majored in accounting.  Mary also has a masters degree in business administration from St. Cloud State University and is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Business Program Honor Society. Mary received an Elijah Wyatt Sells award for outstanding performance on the CPA examination. Mary loves identifying means to enhance the accounting and finance curriculum, and this embedded program will further enhance her teaching in the curriculum. She has a solid network of CSB/SJU alumni in the Bahamas with whom she will be collaborating for this venture. Mary has previously led the semester programs to London and Galway, Ireland with CSB/SJU.