The fascinating diversity of culture, history, and architecture of Spain serve as the base for our Spain program.  CSB/SJU students on this program will enjoy the warm hospitality of Segovia, located 60 miles northwest of Madrid.

Program Highlights

  • Major excursions include Madrid, Barcelona, and the Andalusia area. Many other day trips are also included as a part of this program.
  • Segovia is a fairytale-like city full of narrow, twisting alleyways, Romanesque churches, and beautiful buildings. It is not just a city to be admired from afar, but a great place to live for a semester.
  • The Spain program is a great way to immerse yourself into Spanish culture and language. As one of a select few study abroad programs in the city, CSB/SJU students have the advantage of not being surrounded by other US students on a daily basis.


Our academic program is located at IE University, housed in a historic building dating from the 15th century. The Spain program is primarily directed toward students seeking to deepen their training in Spanish literature, language and culture in all its unique facets. Here our students find a great opportunity for academic development, cultural enrichment, and personal growth. Our faculty consists of a CSB/SJU director who accompanies the group for guidance, structure, and support, and distinguished professors from Spanish universities. All courses are taught in Spanish to classes of exclusively CSB/SJU students. The famous museums, monuments, churches and historic sites are used as "classrooms" by the program's professors. The on-site excursions are designed to be an integral part of experiential learning.

For a complete list of classes please refer to page 2 of the Spain brochure.

Experiential Learning and Activities

Students who study on the Segovia program find ample opportunities to engage with their Spanish peers and the broader Spanish community. Students participate in club athletics with IE students - joining volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams. They volunteer in local schools, practice yoga with Spanish students, and take flamenco dance lessons. One year, almost a third of the group even ran a half-marathon in Segovia! The small size of Segovia, and the natural connections that occur through life at the University and within host families, naturally brings learning alive outside the classroom.


Participants will live individually in Spanish homes. Students will be provided with their meals (three meals a day, seven days per week) when in their Spanish home. This arrangement for meals in their Spanish home for the duration of the academic program is included in the cost of the program; however, on long excursions students will be responsible for their meals.

Program Dates

The approximate program dates for Spain are early January to the end of April.

Financial Considerations

For more information on the Program Fees for this program, please refer to the Spain Program Brochure. Another great resource is the Financing your Experience brochure. This brochure includes estimates of what past participants spent on this program along with information regarding scholarships and financial aid for study abroad.

See which Scholarships you may qualify for with participating on this program. 

Explore Further

Spring 2020 Program Director: Nelsy Solano, Hispanic Studies

Spring 2021 Program Director: Elena Sanchez Mora, Hispanic Studies

Program Advisor: Nicole Clements, Center for Global Education