South Africa - Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)

CSB+SJU students on the South Africa program live in Gqeberha, situated on the Indian Ocean near the southern tip of the African continent. In February 2021, Gqeberha, formerly Port Elizabeth, was renamed with the Xhosa name for the Baakens River, which flows through the city. With a population of over one million, it is South Africa's fifth largest city and host to several World Cup matches. It has a sunny, dry, temperate climate similar to that of Southern California, combined with the wind of Chicago.

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Spring 2024 Program Director Professor Ellen Block shares "Why South Africa" here!


The faculty consist of a CSB+SJU professor who accompanies the group and professors from  Nelson Mandela University (NMU). Students choose from seminar courses designed specifically for our program including political science, literature, South African music, and marine biology. In addition, all students enroll in the Study Abroad Seminar taught by their faculty director. All courses are offered to only CSB+SJU students and are taught at NMU.

  • COLG 385 - Study Abroad Seminar (4 cr) (CS/GL)
  • SA 398 - International Field Experience (2 cr) (EX)
  • BIOL 37o - Special Topics in Biology: Marine Biology in South Africa (4 cr) (NW)
  • ENGL 370- Studies in Literature: South AFrican Literature - Comparative Focus (4 cr) (HE)
  • MUSC 270 - Topics in Popular Music/Jazz Studies: South African Jazz/Popular Music (4 cr) (AE)
  • POLS 370 - South African Politics (4 cr) (SW)

Volunteer and Community Engaged Learning are major components of this program.  All students enroll in a Community Engaged Learning course and participate in one of three projects sponsored by CSB+SJU. Each week students spend 6 to 8 hours on-site in some of Gqeberha's townships.

For course descriptions and more information, refer to the course list links above and the CSB+SJU Global Portal. To explore study abroad course options and how they work with the Integrations Curriculum, Common Curriculum, and departmental requirements, check out our new CGE Study Abroad Course Database.


Participants live in the modern Campus Key Student Apartments, close to the beach and campus.  Students will have individual bedrooms and showers, and share kitchen/living room/bathroom space. Students will live with CSB/SJU students, and may have other South African or International roommates. Each flat is fully furnished and equipped so students have the facilities to prepare their own meals. Campus Key has a fitness center, internet, laundry facilities, and outdoor braii space.  Students can use the public transportation system between NMU and their apartments, or walk.

Financial Considerations

During a semester abroad, CSB+SJU students pay the same tuition as if on campus. Instead of paying CSB+SJU Housing and Meal Plan, all students studying abroad pay an Education Abroad Program Fee. Find Program Fee information on theCSBSJU-Global Portal.  

Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to help with program costs, but must be searched out well in advance.  

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Spring 2023 Program Director Information:


Kyhl Lyndgaard teaches in the environmental studies department and was in South Africa during the first US-South African summit after apartheid ended. The leaders then were Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. He’s excited to revisit South Africa and to relearn the words to the national anthem "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika." In addition, Kyhl has significant experience abroad from teaching English in Taiwan; he later brought students to study in Beijing and Harbin, China.

Spring 2024 Program Director Information:

 Dr. Ellen Block is an anthropology professor in the Sociology Department at CSBSJU. She has spent over two years living and working in Lesotho, southern Africa, is leading students on a embedded program to Zambia in Spring 2023, has made many trips to South Africa, and is very excited to spend a semester in South Africa with a group of CSBSJU students.