United Kingdom-London

One of the world's great cultural and economic center, London, United Kingdom provides an ideal place to study abroad. From the top of Big Ben to the bottom of the ever-flowing Thames River, London has a hustle of innovation that is hard to ignore. Whether it is walking down Piccadilly Circus for a famous West End play or immersing yourself in the over 170 museums and art galleries that make up London, it truly is a leading global & iconic city. On the program, students will study and complete an internship all in one semester. 

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There is not a CSB+SJU faculty who accompanies this study abroad program. On this program, you study and complete an internship all in one semester with a partnership with Foundation for International Education (FIE). All classes are held at the FIE study center in the city’s Kensington burough. On the program, students take all courses taught by on-site faculty with other CSB+SJU students and other visiting students from US Universities. Learning excursions are included with each course to different areas of London like the National Portrait Gallery, Houses of Parliament, or the British Museum to compliment the coursework. 

For course descriptions, refer to the CSB/SJU Global Portal.


All students on this program will complete a 7 week, 165 hour internship or service internship during the second half of the program, which is a pre-professional, field-based internship coupled with an academic course. The work environments available to FIE interns cater to a variety of majors and include the various business sectors, not-for-profit, political, public sector and creative organizations. Through FIE's internship placements, you have the opportunity to build professional skills, increase industry knowledge and experience working in a different culture and in a major global city. Learn more about available internship or service internship placement areas on the FIE website. 


Housing is arranged for program participants by the Center for Global Education (CGE)  in partnership with FIE. On this program, you live with other CSB+SJU students in furnished flats (apartments) or residential style housing with access to kitchen facilities. In the flat, there are single sex bedrooms, but the kitchen and living rooms areas are shared by Bennies & Johnnies.  Also residing in the same building, are students from other US colleges and universities. Meals are not included in the program fee, but students have access to shared furnished kitchen facilities in their flats or student residence.

Students have use of the computer lab at Metrogate and access to the Kensington public library, the student union of the Imperial College of London. Wireless Internet access is available in all FIE buildings..

Financial Considerations

 During a semester abroad, CSB+SJU students pay the same tuition as if on campus. Instead of paying CSB+SJU Housing and Meal Plan, all students studying abroad pay an Education Abroad Program Fee. Find Program Fee information on theCSB+SJU Global Portal.  

Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to help with program costs, but must be searched out well in advance.   

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