Greece - Athens / Italy - Rome (Greco-Roman) & Italy - Rome / Greece - Athens (Roman-Greco)

The Greco-Roman and Roman-Greco programs are one of a kind offerings which have been a part of study abroad at CSB/SJU for more than 30 years.  These programs offer students an opportunity to study in two monumental cities: Athens,  the cradle of western art, philosophy and democratic ideals, and Rome, the heart of antiquity, western art and civilization. Each city offers thousands of facets of art, culture, politics and modern life to explore.

One-half of the students and a faculty director will begin their journey in Athens, Greece, while the other half begins in Rome, Italy. Half-way through the program, the two groups switch sites to continue their learning together.

Explore complete Greece - Athens / Italy - Rome (Greco-Roman) Program details on CSB/SJU Global Portal.

Explore complete Italy - Rome / Greece - Athens (Roman-Greco) Program details on CSB/SJU Global Portal.


The focus of this two-site program is the study of classical art, history, religion and literature in Athens and Rome. All courses are offered exclusively to CSB/SJU students, taught in English in classrooms, at historical and archaeological sites, and in museums. Courses are taught by distinguished professors from universities and colleges in Athens and Rome. In addition to these courses, all students will participate in the Study Abroad Seminar, taught by their faculty director, and a Greek & Italian culture and language course.

Courses are held at the College Year in Athens (CYA) and CEA Study Abroad, Rome Global Campus (CEA). These facilities offer classroom, library, computer and other academic resources.

COLG 385 - Study Abroad Seminar (4 cr) (IC/EL)

COLG 192 - Language and Culture of Greece (1 cr)

COLG 193 - Language and Culture of Italy (1 cr)

ART 221 - Art History of Greece (2 cr) (FA)

ART 222 - Art History of Rome (2 cr) (FA)

HIST 113A - History of Greece in the Classical World (2 cr)

HIST 113B - History of Rome in the Classical World (2 cr)

LNGS 331 - Classical Greek Literature in Translation (2 cr) (HM)

LNGS 332 - Roman Literature in Translation (2 cr) (HM)

THEO 391 - History of the Eastern Church (2 cr) (TU)

THEO 392 - History of the Western Church (2 cr) (TU)

For course descriptions, refer to CSB/SJU Global Portal


In Athens and Rome students live with other CSB/SJU students in apartments located in the hearts of residential neighborhoods. Students have an opportunity to experience life in a major urban setting. Small groups of CSB/SJU students share living, cooking and sleeping quarters in these metropolises. Students are responsible for preparing their own meals, except for their weekday lunches while in Athens.

Program Dates

The approximate program dates for the Greco-Roman and Roman-Greco programs are early-September to mid-December. For the Spring 2021, the dates will be mid-January to early-May.

Financial Considerations

During a semester abroad, CSB/SJU students pay the same tuition as if on campus. Instead of paying CSB/SJU Housing and Meal Plan, all students studying abroad pay an Education Abroad Fee. Find program fee cost information on the CSB/SJU Global Portal

Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience. Financial aid and scholarships may be available to help with the program costs, but must be searched out well in advance. 

See which Scholarships you may qualify for with participating on this program. 

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Fall 2021 Program Directors:

Greco-Roman: Tony Cunningham, Philosophy

Roman-Greco: Scott Johnson, Political Science

Program Advisor: Jessica Dickau, Center for Global Education