CSB/SJU students on the China program have a wide array of opportunities on this program. The program is located in Beibei, a city in the Chongqing municipality. A place situated on the Jialing river, known for its historical culture, and beautiful scenery with a population of 650,000. As a study abroad student in China, you have the opportunity to admire Chinese traditions in calligraphy painting, participate in Wushu martial arts, and appreciate the natural beauty of the rural countryside, and bamboo forests of the panda.

Program Highlights

  • An average meal out will cost you a little over a dollar and Chongqing is famous for its hot Sichuan cuisine and world-famous hotpot dishes.
  • This program includes a 10 day excursion in Beijing and Xian before going to the site in Chongqing. The program also has an excursion to the southern most province, Yunnan, a place known for its natural beauty.
  • The program concludes in Shanghai to see China's largest and most prosperous city.


The faculty consists of a CSB/SJU professor who accompanies the group and distinguished professors from Southwest university. The focus of the program is on Chinese history, culture, literature, language, and art. CSB/SJU students will take a set curriculum with each other and will take a 4 credit course in Chinese at his or her language level. All courses are taught in English at Southwest University, a full comprehensive university of 50,000 full-time students.

For a complete list of classes please refer to page 2 of the China brochure.

Experiential Learning and Activities

A CSB/SJU students on this program may opt to participate on the two Teaching English Weekend opportunities. CSB/SJU students spend Saturday and Sunday at a nearby village teaching English to different age groups. Students on this program can also choose to volunteer at a local school during the program.


Students will be housed in the foreign student residence on the campus with other CSB/SJU students. Students will live near other international students. The rooms are furnished, furnished with a TV, a bathroom (shower), and access to the Internet. Each floor has access to a public kitchen and coin laundry and your room is cleaned for you once a week. On campus, there are many restaurants where our students can eat, but many students eat out in the city where the average price of the meal is $2-3.50.

Program Dates

The approximate program dates for China are late-August to mid-December.

Financial Considerations

For more information on the "Program Fees" for this program, please refer to the China Program Brochure for specific information. Another great resource is the Financing your Experience brochure. In this brochure, there are estimates of what past participants spent on this program. Also included in this brochure is information regarding scholarships and financial aid.

See which Scholarships you may qualify for with participating on this program

Explore Further

Fall 2020 Program Director: Matt Callahan, English

Program Advisor: Nichole Matuska, Center for Global Education