The China program will not be offered Fall of 2021; it will next be offered Fall of 2022.

The CSB/SJU China-Beibei program is located in Beibei, a city in the Chongqing municipality. Situated on the Jialing river, the area is known for its historical culture and beautiful scenery. The population of Beibei is 650,000. As a study abroad student on the China-Beibei program, you have the opportunity to admire Chinese traditions in calligraphy painting, participate in Wushu martial arts, and appreciate the natural beauty of the rural countryside, and bamboo forests of the panda.

Explore complete China-Beibei Program details on the CSBSJU-Global Portal.


The faculty consists of a CSB/SJU professor who accompanies the group and distinguished professors from Southwest university. The focus of the program is on Chinese history, culture, literature, language, and art. CSB/SJU students will take a set curriculum with each other and will take a 4 credit course in Chinese at his or her language level. All courses are taught in English at Southwest University, a full comprehensive university of 50,000 full-time students.

  • COLG 385 - Study Abroad Seminar (4 cr) (IC/EL; CS/GL/EX) (REQUIRED)
  • CHIN 115 - Elementary Chinese I Abroad (4 cr)
  • CHIN 116 - Elementary Chinese II Abroad (4cr)
  • CHIN 215 - Intermediate Chinese I Abroad (4 cr)
  • CHIN 216 - Intermediate Chinese II Abroad (4 cr)
  • CHIN 315 - Advanced Chinese I Abroad (4 cr)
  • CHIN 316 - Advanced Chinese II Abroad (4cr)
  • ART 113A - Introduction to 2D Arts (4cr) (FA; AE)
  • GBUS 337 - Doing Business in Asia (4 cr)
  • SA 375F - China History & Society (4 cr) (HM; HE)

For course descriptions, refer to CSBSJU-Global Portal.


Housing is arranged for program participants by the Center for Global Education (CGE). Students on this program will be housed in the foreign student residence on the campus with other CSB/SJU students. Students will live near other international students. The rooms are furnished, furnished with a TV, a bathroom (shower), and access to the Internet. Each floor has access to a public kitchen and coin laundry and your room is cleaned for you once a week. 

Financial Considerations

During a semester abroad, CSB/SJU students pay the same tuition as if on campus. Instead of paying CSB/SJU Housing and Meal Plan, all students studying abraod pay an Education Abroad Fee. Find Program Fee information on the CSBSJU-Global Portal. Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience. Financial aid and Scholarships may be available to help with program costs, but must be searched out well in advance. 

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