Chile - Viña del Mar

Live and study in Viña del Mar, Chile! Located 70 miles west of Chile’s capital Santiago, Viña (as it is more commonly known) has a population of approximately 325,000 and is surrounded by picturesque beaches, lakes, and mountains. Next to Viña is Valparaiso, the most important port of Chile and the South American Pacific and a city recently declared a Patrimonio de la Humanidad (World Heritage Site).

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You will attend classes at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI), a private university beautifully located, with an extraordinary view of the bay, only 10 minutes from downtown. CSB+SJU students take one course (Study Abroad Seminar) from their CSB+SJU faculty director. 

Students participate in the Chile program on 2 separate, concurrent tracks:  the Hispanic Studies major/minor track (pre-req HISP 311) or the Latin America and Chile Studies track (pre-req HISP 112). 

Hispanic Studies Major/Minor Track
  • Study Abroad Seminar (CS/GL/EX) - Taught by the CSB+SJU Program Director
  • 3 Seminar Courses - Taught in Spanish.  Considering taking 1 Direct Enrollment course alongside Chilean students! Sample Direct Enrollment course options can be found here.
Latin America and Chile Studies Track
  • Study Abroad Seminar (CS/GL/EX)- Taught by the CSB+SJU Program Director
  • Spanish Language Course at your level
  • 2 Seminar Courses - Taught in English, from subjects such as Global Business, Communication, History, and Peace Studies. A complete list of seminar courses offered by UAI can be found here.
  • COLG 385 - Study Abroad Seminar (4 cr) (CS/GL/EX) offered if faculty-led
  • HISP 215 - Intermediate Spanish I (4 cr)
  • HISP 216 - Intermediate Spanish II (4 cr)
  • HISP 315 - Spanish Conversation Abroad (4cr)
  • HISP 316 - Topics of Conversation & Composition on Chilean and Latin American Issues (4 cr)
  • HISP 363 - Advanced Spanish Abroad (4 cr)
  • ART 370* - Topics in Art History: Latin American Art & Culture (4cr) (AE) *Hispanic Studies Major/Minor Track only
  • HISP 370* - History of Chile (4 cr) (HE) *Hispanic Studies Major/Minor Track only
  • SA 370 - UAI Pending (Direct Enrollment) Courses (4-8 cr).  NOTE:  These courses are taught in Spanish to Chilean students, and specific course options are not available until the week before classes begin.  You will NOT find these courses in the CGE Study Abroad Course Database.  Students generally select courses in subjects such as Literature, History, Political Science, and Communication.
  • HIST 370 - Latin American Culture and Identity (4 cr) (HE)
  • HIST 370 - Latin America in the Age of Globalization (4 cr)
  • HIST 370 - Economic Development in Latin America: Milestones and Crisis (4 cr)
  • POLS 370 - Socialism, Capitalism, and Communism in Latin America (4 cr)
  • PCST 370 - Human Rights in Chile: An Historical Perspective (4 cr)
  • COMM 370 - Latin America on Film (4 cr) (HE)
  • GBUS 370 - Doing Business in Latin America
  • GBUS 370 - Strategic Leadership

For course descriptions and more information, refer to the course list links above and the CSBSJU-Global Portal. To explore study abroad course options and how they work with the Integrations Curriculum, Common Curriculum, and departmental requirements, checkout our new CGE Study Abroad Course Database. 


Participants live in Chilean homes. Students will be provided with meals (three meals a day, seven days per week) and laundry. This arrangement for meals in Chilean homes for the duration of the academic program is included in the cost of the program; however, meals on excursions will be at the students' expense.

Financial Considerations

During a semester abroad, CSB+SJU students pay the same tuition as if on campus. Instead of paying CSB+SJU Housing and Meal Plan, all students studying abroad pay an Education Abroad Program Fee.  Find Program Fee information on the CSBSJU-Global Portal

Students should plan early for a successful study abroad experience.  Financial aid and scholarships may be available to help with the program costs, but must be searched out well in advance.

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Fall 2023 Program Director Information

Chris Conway is a Professor in the Theology Department at CSB+SJU.  Margaret Nuzzolese Conway is the Director of SJU Campus Ministries.