Global Fellowship Programs

The Global Fellowship Program is an independent international experiential learning program occurring during the summer. Depending on the program, students on these programs can complete an internship.


Bosnia & Herzegovina Internship 

Ireland: Summer Dublin Internship

Things to Consider:

  • Each program can accept up to 5 qualified CSB+SJU students.
  • Global Fellows have a number of REQUIRED pre-departure orientation sessions throughout the spring semester.
  • These programs run varies dates for about 8 weeks during the summer months.
  • Students are able to combine funding from this Fellowship with the Summer Leadership Fellows program
  • Students will need to complete the program for at least 1 summer CSB+SJU credit.
  • If accepted to a Global Fellowship, you will receive a $2,000 fellowship for the program.
  • Students are not eligible to receive funding for a fellowship that takes place after they graduate. 
  • The Global Fellowship programs are open to all Majors.