External Study Abroad Program Policies & Procedures

Academic Matters:

  • Students on Academic or Disciplinary Probation are NOT eligible for External Study Abroad.
  • All External Study Abroad Programs must be fully accredited and must be approved by CGE before applying.
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 CSB/SJU academic credits per semester to be considered a full-time, degree seeking student at CSB/SJU, but 15-16 credits is preferred for students to stay on track for graduation.
  • Students applying for an External Study Abroad program during the summer term will not be enrolled at CSB/SJU. They will arrange to transfer the credits back to CSB/SJU upon completion by submitting an official transcript to the Registrar’s Office.  We encourage all students to use this application form to help guide them through an External Study Abroad program.
  • Pre-approval is required for all coursework to be transferred from the host institution to CSB/SJU. In order to apply credits earned on an External Study Abroad program towards your graduation requirements at CSB/SJU, students must receive prior approval using the attached form and earn a grade of “C” or higher.
    • Courses to be applied towards a Major or Minor program must be approved by the appropriate Department Chair.
    • Courses to be applied to Common Curriculum requirements must be approved by the Academic Advising or Registrar Offices.
    • Courses to be applied as General Elective Credits must be approved by the Academic Advising or Registrar Offices.
  • After students are registered on-site, students will need to send the Department Chair or Academic office the appropriate Substitution form from the Registrar website for final approval.
  • Credits may be transferred only upon receipt of an official transcript from the accredited host university/college sent directly to the CGE at CSB/SJU, verifying completion of pre-approved courses with final grades of “C” or better. A transcript evaluation will be completed by the Registrar’s Office once an official transcript from the study abroad institution is received.
  • Pre-approved courses will be noted on your CSB/SJU transcript as Transfer Credits. The grades earned from these transfer academic credits will not be noted on your transcript or calculated in your cumulative CSB/SJU GPA.
  • Students will be e-mailed registration material for the upcoming semester’s registration by the Registrar’s Office & CGE. This will be sent to your CSB/SJU email address.  Students will register using the normal CSB/SJU registration process through Banner Self-Service.
  • Student must ordinarily be in residence for the two semesters immediately preceding graduation. “In residence” is defined as enrollment as a full-time student at CSB/SJU for a minimum of 12 credits per semester.  Any student wishing to register for an External Study Abroad Program during one of their two last semesters must receive approval from the Academic Advising Office.  Seniors will not be allowed to register for a year-long External Study Abroad Program.

Financial Matters:

  • Your CSB/SJU student account must be current prior to participating in an External Study Abroad Program. Any charges owed to SJU or CSB will be paid first before funds are sent to the host institution.
  • The fee for External Study Abroad is $500 per semester.  This fee will be charged to your student account after the application is approved and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.    
  • As a student on a semester-long external program, you will remain enrolled at CSB/SJU; however, you will not pay tuition and fees at CSB/SJU for that semester. You will make all payments directly to the sponsoring provider. 
  • If a student is choosing an external short term, summer or internship program, this student will need to pay a fee to CGE pay for the cost of the CISI Insurance for the time you are abroad. This insurance is required for any student that will be going outside the USA for any kind of for-credit or not-for-credit program.
  • State and Federal financial aid may be available to help finance a semester or academic year-long external program. No institutional scholarships or internal financial aid will be transferred to the other institution.  No CSB/SJU financial aid is available for summer external study abroad programs. 
  • A financial agreement may be completed by the Director of Financial Aid at CSB/SJU and a representative from the host institution.

**It is advised that you meet with a Financial Aid advisor on your campus to discuss the financial aid procedures.**


 As a CSB/SJU student participating on an External Study Abroad program, you understand the following: 

  1. I understand that I am electing to participate on an external study abroad program that is not endorsed by CSB/SJU and acknowledge that CSB/SJU is in no way responsible for the quality or conditions of my External study abroad program.
  2. For myself, my heirs, and successors and assigns, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless CSB/SJU from any and all loss, cost, damage, liability or expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees), resulting in any way or arising out of my participation in the External study abroad program.
  3. I release CSB/SJU of all liability and waive all claims against CSB/SJU in respect to my participation in this external program.
  4. I understand that it is my personal responsibility to ensure coverage and protection for any accident, disability, repatriation or any loss related to my person, my property or my activities throughout my participation in the External Program. It is my responsibility to determine and acquire the appropriate levels and applications of insurance coverage and policies.
  5. I fully understand and agree that I am responsible for any expenses not covered by any insurance coverage plans and policies.
  6. CGE requires that applicants and participants are in good academic and disciplinary standing at the university and I authorize the staff of CGE at CSB/SJU to access my academic and disciplinary records.
  7. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain academic transcripts from my External program and send them to the CGE office.
  8. I agree that I will make all payments to the External Study Abroad program.
  9. I authorize CGE to bill my student account for the External Study Abroad Program application fee.
  10. I understand that the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, affords students the right to authorize the release of education information to third parties. I also understand that studying off-campus may involve circumstances which require CSB/SJU to release certain information to third parties, but for which it may be difficult to obtain my prior written permission.  For these reasons, I herewith authorize university officials to release my education information to parties who, in their judgment, have an interest in the program contemplated by this document provided that those officials, in their judgment, are acting in my interests as well.  This authorization is valid from the time I submit this signed document to CGE through a period of one semester after my program ends abroad.