External List

External Study Abroad: Previous Program Participation

 This list of External Program providers is based on program providers utilizing best practices in the field of Education Abroad along with past CSB+SJU students participation. Please note that all the programs listed on that list may not meet the requirements for approval at CSB+SJU.  

Students will need to complete a Travel Exception Request by the appropriate deadline (see Deadlines on main External website) for any program listed below. On a case by case basis students may be able to participate on an External program not listed below, but will need to share additional documentation. All external applicants need Program Approval  from the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee (ITRAC) prior to be going through the rest of the External process

AIFS Study Abroad/Global Experiences

Arcadia University

Budapest Semester for Mathematics



CET Academic Programs

CIEE Study Abroad


College Year in Athens*

DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia



IES Abroad


Round River Conservation Studies**

School for Field Studies

School for International Training (SIT)

University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center 

*You are not able to participate on a program site where CSB+SJU currently offer a program the same semester (i.e. CEA Rome Campus in Italy- fall semester, CEA Seville Campus in Spain - spring semester, AIFS Salzburg Campus in Austria - fall semester, College Year in Athens in Greece- fall semester, FIE London - fall or spring semester, FIE Dublin - fall semester).

**CSB+SJU students are only able to participate in the international programs offered by HECUA & Round River.