External Program Application Process

Students participating with an External Program are required to complete CSB+SJU's External Programs application process.  Completion of the External Programs application process allows students to maintain full-time enrollment status, apply eligible financial aid and transfer credits earned abroad back to CSB+SJU. 

External Program Application Process

1. Attend a Study Abroad 101 to refine your goals for your study abroad.

2. Review the general eligibility & policies requirements for participation.

3. All External study abroad programs need to adhere to our International Travel Policy and if your destination is at or above a level 3 advisory according to the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory system, the program will also need to apply for a Travel Exception Request.  This will be reviewed & approved by the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee (ITRAC) in order to participate on this type of program. 

4. Meet with your Academic/Faculty Advisor to discuss your degree requirements and academic planning in regard to study abroad.

5. Research External program options using the External List. Please note that not all programs included on that list may meet the requirements for approval at CSB+SJU.  

6.  Meet with Joy Ruis in CGE to discuss program options and the overall external program process. 

7.  Complete Online External Application: You will find the External Application under External Study Abroad program listed in programs through the CSBSJU-Global Portal. Apply for the term that best fits your dates of your External Program. In the Application, you be asked a number of demographic questions along with questions regarding your External program.  (NOTE: open the CSBSJU-Global Portal using the Chrome browser for the best user experience).

    • Photo: You will be asked to upload a PDF photo of yourself. Photo must show head and shoulders of just you. Think passport or driver's license style. Your photo must be of you and no one else. Your head must face the camera directly with your full face in view, centered in the frame. You should crop your picture as a square image.
    • Transcript: You will need to upload an unofficial copy of your most recent CSB+SJU transcript.  You can use a PDF of your unofficial transcript from Banner for this purpose.
    • Conduct: You will be asked to self-report your conduct and then you will send a request to the CSB or SJU Dean of Student's office, so CGE can get access to your conduct records.

A. Work on getting courses pre-approved for your External Program using the External Course Approval Form

B. Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor on your campus to discuss financial aid procedures for External study abroad. 

Deadlines for Online Application:



*Students are required to complete the appropriate process for requesting approval to study abroad with an External Program, as outlined above.  In addition, you will need to apply for acceptance to your External Program by their application deadline. Visit your program's website for application procedures and deadlines.


Once accepted, you will need to complete the following online forms through the CSBSJU-Global Portal:

1. Course Approval Form - You will need to submit a completed Course Approval Form and/or upload email course approvals in the portal 

2. Adhere to and electronically sign the External Program Release & Policy Agreement 

3. Passport

4. Flight information - Arrival and Departure

After completion of all these steps, CGE will register you for the appropriate term with the Registrar and assess the $500 External Fee to you student account to be paid according the that semester billing cycle. 


If you need to cancel from your External Program, connect with the program directly for possible cancellation policies. Cancel through CSB+SJU by e-mailing [email protected] from your CSB+SJU e-mail account.