Financial Aid

Good News! When participating on a CSB/SJU semester study abroad program, 100% of your CSB/SJU scholarships, grants, and loans apply to the cost of study abroad.

After you are accepted to a program, CGE will notify the Financial Aid Office of your plan to study abroad. An adjustment will be made to your budgets to reflect additional expenses you will incur. (Note: student employment is not an option during study abroad). You may also be eligible for additional grants, loans or scholarships from outside agencies to help defray costs.

If you have questions about financing your study abroad, we encourage you to make an appointment with a member of the CSB/SJU Financial Aid Office staff.

Financial Aid for Short-term Programs

CSB/SJU does not award institutional grants or scholarships for short-term programs that happen over the summer. Instead, the tuition rate is set lower than that charged for Fall and Spring semesters. 

Your eligibility and choice of loans depend primarily on how many credits you will be taking. If you will be enrolled in six or more credits, your parents could borrow through the Federal PLUS Loan or you could borrow through the Federal Stafford Loan. However, most students will "reserve" their Stafford loan funds for the academic year (Fall & Spring).  If you will be enrolled in less than six credits, you are limited to non-federal alternative loans.

Students who receive funding through the Federal Pell Grant or Minnesota State Grant during the academic year may be eligible for these grants during summer. You must inform the CSB/SJU Financial Aid Office that you will be enrolled, and you will need to file the upcoming year's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered.