Your Student Wants to Study Abroad. What Next?

If your students and advisees are interested in studying abroad, here are some steps you can take to support them:

  • Learn about all the opportunities for global learning at CSB/SJU.
    • Explore all the Education Abroad Programs offered by CGE
    • Study Abroad 101 Session: Get the basics of studying abroad in this workshop hosted by CGE student workers.  Designed for students, it is also a great intro to study abroad at CSB/SJU for faculty and advisors!  Unable to attend a live session?  Check out the Study Abroad 101 advising handout we give to students to help them in their decision making process!
    • Navigate the  Start your Search section of our website to learn the steps  students take to narrow their search and  apply to any program for study abroad.  
    Identify the best terms to study abroad. 
    • Semester - While it is most common for Bennies and Johnnies to study abroad during their 3rd year, students can also study abroad on semester programs during their 2nd or 4th year. 
    • Short-term - Students can study abroad on short-term experiences at any point in their 4-yr experience.
  • Create a plan to study abroad and stay on track for graduation. 
    • Help students set  academic, personal and professional goals for their  study abroad experience. How do those goals align with  their other goals  at  CSB/SJU?  
    • Help students map out which courses they should reserve to take on study abroad (major/minor, general elective, Common/Integrations Curriculum, etc.).  Be sure that students are able to stay on track for graduation with study abroad (accounting for sequential courses, courses only offered certain semesters, etc.).
  • Encourage students to engage with CGE.
    • We offer Study Abroad 101 sessions throughout the academic year for students to learn more about international opportunities at CSB/SJU.
    • Students should attend our annual Study Abroad Fair to talk with program directors and past study abroad participants.
    • CGE is here to support students in their study abroad planning.  Students can schedule an appointment anytime using the HIVE