Program Types

Semester Study Abroad - CGE offers 15 semester-length study abroad programs; 9 of these programs are led by a CSB/SJU faculty member (a.k.a. - faculty-led).  These programs are offered in the same locations, most often with the same courses, every year. These programs are designed to fit seamlessly with the CSB/SJU curriculum.  Students are able to take all of their financial aid with them on CSB/SJU semester study abroad programs.

Short-Term Study Abroad - CGE offers 10-15 short-term programs every year.  These programs are offered primarily in one of three categories:

  • Embedded - Embedded study abroad programs are "embedded" into the academic year, with travel after the end of the term. An embedded course is typically a 4-credit course, offered during CD mod or D block with an international learning component for 1-2 weeks after the end of the term.  The bonus of embedded programs is that students pay the tuition costs associated with the course during the semester the program is offered. A program fee is added to a student account for the  international learning component of the program.
  • Summer - Summer study abroad programs are offered for credit, typically 3-5 week experiences that take place entirely after the end of Spring semester. 
  • Global Fellowships - Global Fellowships are CGE-sponsored for credit internship or research opportunities offered during summer.

External - CGE has a process to support students who are unable to find a study abroad experience to meet their needs in the CSB/SJU portfolio.  External study abroad - non-CSB/SJU managed programs - offers students location and academic diversity on study abroad for transfer credit.