Academics on Study Abroad

As a starting point, we encourage you to review our website to familiarize yourself with the programs that CSB/SJU offers, and specifically to explore the academic offerings on each program.   

  • For Semester Programs,  you will find academic information on each program's website in the ACADEMICS section.
  • For Short-Term Programs, you will find academic information on each program's website in the COURSE & PROGRAM INFORMATION section.

Course Approval Process

  • Common Curriculum:  Most courses on CSB/SJU study abroad programs have already been approved for general electives as well as Common Curriculum requirements; exceptions are found on the Ireland-Cork & Germany programs. 
    • Semester Programs: Course offerings can be found in the Academics Section on individual program page on the CGE website.  Additionally, this Understanding Common Curriculum Classes on Study Abroad document provides a good summary of Common Curriculum offerings on study abroad.
    • Short-Term Programs:  Each short-term program page will clearly identify the course name, number of credits, and any Common Curriculum requirements.
  • Integrations Curriculum: The CGE Faculty Advisory Committee is working with the General Education Curriculum Committee on Integrations Curriculum designations for Study Abroad. This   Understanding Integrations Curriculum Classes on Study Abroad (DRAFT) is a useful tool for advising, but please note that we are still working on approvals for all these designations.
  • Approvals for Major & Minor Courses: On our Australia, Chile, Germany, Ireland-Cork, Ireland- Dublin, and UK- London programs, students can select courses from a larger curricular offering.  On these programs, students may be able to find courses for their Major or Minor.  Students are responsible for finding htese courses and seeking the appropriate approvals from Department Chairs.  Learn more about the process here. 

Timeline of transition from Common to Integrations Curriculum:

  •  Semester Programs: Semester study abroad programs will offer Common Curriculum requirements through 2021/2022; Integrations Curriculum designations will be fulfilled through exceptions.  Starting 2022/2023, semester study abroad programs will offer Integrations Curriculum designations with Common Curriculum requirements being fulfilled by exceptions.
  • Short-Term Programs: Short-Term programs will offer Integrations Curriculum designations on programs beginning Fall Embedded 2021 & Spring Embedded/Summer 2022 Programs; Common Curriculum requirements will be fulfilled through exceptions.