Responsible Use of Alcohol

If you choose to drink alcohol while abroad you are expected to do so responsibly.  Not only must you abide by the laws of the country in which you are living, you must also be aware of the consequences of your alcohol use.  As a participant on a CSB/SJU program, you agree that:

  • You will not miss any scheduled event or become ill due to the effects of alcohol consumption.
  • You will not engage in inappropriate behavior toward other individuals, or destructive behavior toward property that is the result of alcohol consumption.
  • You will not engage in behavior that causes embarrassment to the other members of the group, the faculty members or the in-country hosts as a result of alcohol consumption.
  • You will not facilitate, encourage or ignore a fellow student who is abusing alcohol.
  • You will use good judgment if consuming alcohol at private homes or other accommodations.

Also note that you are responsible for knowing U.S. customs laws regarding the possession of alcohol upon returning to the U.S. (e.g., you must be 21 years old to legally bring alcohol into the U.S. from abroad).

Behavioral violations resulting from alcohol use and abuse may be reported to CSB/SJU, resulting in students being required to go through the appropriate judicial process while abroad and/or when they return to campus after their semester abroad.