Customs & Immigration

Upon arrival at your destination airport, you will be asked to clear immigration (passport control) and customs. Immigration officials will check your passport and they will ask why you have come and how long you plan to stay. Act natural and be honest.

After you clear the passport control point, you will need to retrieve you luggage, and pass through customs. Most of the time, customs officers will wave you through without a lot of difficulty. In some countries Customs Officials are looking for material (writings or photographs) that are offensive to the government.

 Tips to navigate customs:

• Have your passport and any additional documentation ready.

• Do not wrap gifts so that they can be checked quickly.

• Carry receipts for any­thing you want to declare (typically high value items).

• Be prepared to re‑pack your own bag if it is inspected.

• Be polite, courteous and answer all questions which are posed to you.

On your return flight to the U.S, you will be given a Customs Declaration Form to fill out. It is illegal to omit any items of significant value that you have purchased while out of the U.S. There may be penalties levied by Customs if you fail to declare items. Detailed information on duty free exemptions, restricted or prohibited articles, and "Know Before You Go" customs hints for returning U.S. residents can be found on the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection web site: (click on Travel).