Communication While Abroad

Upon arrival it is easy for you to get wrapped up in the excitement but everyone wants to know you arrived safely. Technology makes this easier and cheaper today than ever before. Refer to our Communication tools website for options. 

A word of caution - Almost daily contact with friends and family back home could be harmful to your experience abroad. It is important to immerse yourself in your host country. DO NOT be too attached to communicating with people from home; give yourself time to remain immersed in your host country.

 International mail takes anywhere from several days to several weeks to arrive. In most cases, letters arrive in a week to ten days. Be aware the packages can take significantly longer. Everyone likes to receive letters and postcards while abroad. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that any packages received from abroad may be subject to Customs and Duties (inspection and taxes). Such duties are usually based on the assessed value of the package and are the sole responsibility of the receiver of the package. Certain items will be taxed at higher rates (examples are electronic items and makeup) and some items will not be allowed to pass through Customs at all (prescription medication). Furthermore, before you can claim a package you may be required to fax a copy of your passport to Customs authorities. It is generally advised to never mail medications or items of great value.