Class Registration

All students on the CSB/SJU study abroad programs will be able to register while abroad for the upcoming semester courses.

  1. The Registrar's Office will e-mail faculty and students the link to the on-line Fall or Spring Class Schedule. In addition, the Registrar's Office will e-mail any Class Schedule updates to all faculty and students. PIN numbers, along with information about your registration window, will be emailed by CGE to your faculty directors approximately one week before the start of registration.
  2. We encourage you to register directly through Banner Web Self Service. It is more convenient to register through Banner, and it is to your advantage because you will know immediately if you get into your classes.
  3. If registration through Banner Web Self Service is not possible, an e-mail registration form has been created for study abroad students so they can submit their registration via email. The link to the e-mail registration form will be sent to students on programs that for some reason (excursion, break, or difficulty accessing Banner) cannot register by Banner Web Self Service.
  4. When students e-mail in their classes, someone in the Registrar's Office will enter each student's classes as soon as possible after the student's registration start date and start time. Students using the Registration by E-Mail Form do not get priority registration. Alternately, students may choose to have a family member or trusted friend complete their registration for them.

Student Accounts/Academic Advising Hold on Advance Registration: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, you will have a Student Accounts HOLD placed on your registration. You will not be permitted to register for classes until you or your parents make arrangements with the Student Accounts Office and the hold is removed.

The Academic Advising/Registrar Offices can also put a HOLD on your registration if you have not declared a major or have not fulfilled an academic requirement (i.e. math proficiency exam). These academic matters should be resolved before you depart for a program abroad.

You can verify through Banner whether or not you currently have a HOLD. Make sure you don't have any while abroad!