While Abroad


It has been a long ride to get here, and hopefully you are feeling well prepared.  You have put a lot of time and energy into your study abroad process and now is the time to enjoy it.  The time that you spend abroad will go by quickly.

This site is designed to help you capture the most of your study abroad program before it is over.

  • Connect with the local population.  You did a lot of work in order to get to your host country.  Make sure that you take every opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Network to build personal and professional connections for the future.
  • Make the most of your experience by fully immersing yourself in the new cultures.
  • Document your experiences through photos and journaling.  

If you need any assistance while abroad, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

  1. Making the Most of Your Experience
  2. Customs & Immigration
  3. Culture Shock
  4. Housing On-Site
  5. Class Registration & Holds
  6. Academic & Disciplinary Policies
  7. Communication While Abroad
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Personal Travel Plans
  10. Legal Issues