Medical Preparation

PLEASE NOTE: The best source of information concerning medical preparations is your own physician.

  • You should make an appointment with the CSB Health Services, SJU CentraCare Clinic, or another medical professional to discuss your travel itinerary.
  • PLAN AHEAD! Some vaccinations require time intervals between them. 
  • Any travel consultations, immunizations, and health exams are the financial and personal responsibility of the traveling student.

Although most countries have adequate medical services (i.e. a full range of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical services), everyone traveling to another country assumes some risks. Students studying on all study abroad programs should research the specific health and safety concerns for their destination on these websites:


On-line Health and Emergency Contact Form
Health Insurance

On-line Health and Emergency Contact  

  • You are required to complete an on-line Health Form through the CSB/SJU Global Portal. This form is designed to encourage you to self-disclose any physical, mental or learning disabilities. This will help Faculty/Assistant directors, along with CGE staff, in case of an emergency.
  • It is our goal to work between CGE, the Faculty Director and the student to devise a plan to address any physical, mental, or learning disabilities. Please note: No student can be removed from a program due to such concerns. Please be completely open and honest about any conditions.
  • You will also be required to complete the Emergency Contact form through the CSB/SJU Global Portal.

Health Insurance

  • CSB/SJU policy requires students to have health insurance coverage through a family plan, an individual policy, or a student plan.
  • Check with your health insurance carrier to confirm that it will cover you while you are abroad. Become familiar with the coverage provisions, deductible items, and the process for making claims.
  • The Center for Global Education will also enroll all students participating in a CSB/SJU sponsored or affiliated program abroad in international travel insurance provided by Zurich Insurance Company. 
  • The Zurich Insurance Plan provides emergency medical benefits as well as benefits for medical and security evacuation, repatriation of remains, and 24-7-365 worldwide assistance, along with claim administration and 24-hour multilingual phone support. Emergency Assistance is offered by CISI’s Assistance Team, AXA Assistance.
  • Zurich is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact information:
    • • Inside the US: 1 (800) 667-2523 (Toll Free)
      • Outside the US: 1-416-977-8305 (Collect Calls Accepted)
      • Benefit Questions: [email protected]  
  • More information found on our Health Insurance website.