Housing Preparation

CGE will assist you with the necessary housing arrangements for your study abroad experience. The cost of housing is included with all programs.

For more information on the specific housing arrangements on your program, please refer to your  program page and look under the "Accommodations" Section.

Before you go abroad and while abroad, CSB/SJU will in in contact regarding on Campus Housing Selection:

All students on CSB/SJU study abroad programs will be able to participate in the room selection process while abroad.

  1. The Housing and Residential Life Offices at CSB and SJU will email students and will copy the Center for Global Education (CGE) all timelines, information, and links related the housing selection processes. 
  2. All information is available on the CSB Residential Life and Housing or SJU Residential Life and Housing websites and/or SharePoint sites each year.
  3. All forms necessary to patriciate are found in the Housing Portal. Students who wish to select housing for fall term must complete a Fall Housing Intent Form by posted deadline.
  4. Students with internet access are able to access the Housing Portal.  CGE has informed Residential Life and Housing that all programs have access to the internet.
  5. Students must complete required forms and are able to select housing directly through the housing portal.
  6. Students may designate a trusted friend from CSB or SJU to act as their proxy if selection through the Housing Portal is for some reason not possible due to excursions, breaks or should there be difficulty accessing the portal from abroad.  However, please note that proxies are not able to complete forms on behalf of another person – forms, such as the Fall Housing Intent Form, must be completed by each individual participating in the process.
  7. Those who are abroad during fall term should be aware that the off campus selection process for the following academic year will occur while they are away.  Students are encouraged to ask questions before leaving for their trips and review information available online so that they can work with friends from all corners of the globe next year should they apply for a release. All forms and applications required for this process will be available online.   As always – never sign a lease unless you have an Offer of Release.
  8. In the spring, students must register for Fall classes at least 24 hours prior to the selection process they are participating in. Should they have registration holds they will not be able to register nor be pulled into a living group.  Whenever possible, students should resolve academic matters, complete health forms, and pay their bills prior to departure for Study Abroad to avoid difficulty due to holds while abroad. Students can verify if they have any holds through Banner.
  9. In addition, please remember, you must be part of a group that is full for fall to select housing at your best time. For example, you must have four people who will be at CSB or SJU respectively and who are registered for fall term to live in a four person apartment.
  10. Only students who need housing on campus for Fall need to participate in room selection. Those who will be abroad in the fall will not participate in room selection.  Instead, they will be contacted later in spring term to regarding their preferences for housing upon their return.  Students who participate in, have been offered a release to live off campus, and who have signed their acceptance forms will not participate in room selection. 

For specifics regarding Room Selection on your campus please visit the following links:

CSB Room Selection https://livecsbsju.sharepoint.com/:u:/r/sites/csbreslife/SitePages/Room-Selection-General-Information.aspx?csf=1&web=1&e=68x4yS

SJU Room Selection https://livecsbsju.sharepoint.com/:u:/r/sites/sjureslife/SitePages/Housing-Selection.aspx?csf=1&web=1&e=4WmvHc