International Flights

Ticketing Tips


  • Flight prices are highly contingent on the season-consider going during off-peak season.
  • Be flexible on departure times.  Afternoon flights can be more expensive.
  • Flights are usually cheaper during mid-week travel.
  • If possible, check alternative itineraries by altering the leave and return dates; Monday-Wednesdays are usually the best departure days.

Other Considerations

  • Before you book, please check the airline's travel policies in regards to fees related changes or cancellation needed. It might be worth paying a bit more to book with an airline that’s offering a more flexible policy.  Each airline has its own (evolving) policy, so check the airline before booking. 

  • When buying tickets for extended travel, look into buying an open-ended ticket and thoroughly evaluate the airline's policies regarding changing ticket return dates.
  • When flying into large cities, check flights coming into different airports for cheaper alternatives.
  • If you are considering buying specific country flight passes (such as the Boomerang pass in Australia), keep in mind that often they can only be bought from the United States.
  • Check airline hubs for cheaper flights, however, sometimes non-local airlines offer deals to entice potential customers.
  • Before purchasing a ticket, be sure to find out about the cancellation, exchange, and refund policies. Think twice before purchasing non-refundable tickets, or consider buying flight cancellation insurance.

Major US Airlines: 

American Airlines:

Delta Airlines:

United Airlines:

Iceland Air:

  • provides airfare to and from certain Europe locations

Aer Lingus:

  • provides airfare to and from Ireland

Travel Agencies

3959 2nd Street South #210
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(320) 251-6200

Bursch Travel
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(320) 251-3180

Online Travel Search Engines

It is our recommendation that students currently book directly with airlines vs. using an online search engine. Online agencies may offer less customer support than the personal service given by a travel agent or an individual airline, so remember to read the fine print.