Student Handbook

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad. The Center for Global Education (CGE), your Faculty and Assistant Directors, and the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University want to help you make the most of your study abroad experience.

We aim to help you accomplish the following CSB/SJU Sponsored Education Abroad Program Learning Goals :
Students who have completed a study abroad experience (regardless of program) will demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge of the host society;
  2. Recognition of cultural values and culturally appropriate behaviors;
  3. Willingness to independently seek out and learn from new intercultural situations;
  4. Deepened awareness of their own culture and its role in shaping themselves; and
  5. Integration of their education abroad experience with their CSB/SJU liberal arts experience, with their future vocation, and into lifelong patterns of learning

To that end, we have created this section of the website - your online "student handbook".  On the pages that follow, you will find information to help you prepare for your semester abroad, and to help you make the most of the experience while on-site.

Before You Go

While Abroad