Pre-Travel Consultation

As students prepare for their education abroad experience, they are encouraged to schedule a pre-travel health consultation as an important part of that preparation. During the travel consult appointment, students can expect to review immunizations, past medical history, current medications, as well as receive specific information regarding the travel destinations. Students are encouraged to bring a Pre-Travel Consultation Worksheet with them when they meet with a healthcare professional. 

Additional topics covered at the time of the appointment include: diseases (both vaccine preventable as well as non-vaccine preventable), safety tips to avoid illness and injury, food and water precautions, jet lag prevention and treatment, motion sickness information, and traveler's diarrhea prevention and treatment. 

Due to immunization administration schedules, it is best that your student make an appointment ASAP. Some immunizations need to be given weeks before departure to be effectives.

Parents of CSB students: please encourage your daughter to call CSB Health Services (320-363-5605) to schedule a travel consult. There is no fee for the travel consult, however there are charges for vaccines. Appointment slots may be limited.

Parents of SJU students: please encourage your son to contact the CSB/SJU Health Services (320-656-7105) to schedule a travel consult. 

Additionally, students can meet with their general practitioner to discuss these issues.