Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities Abroad

Students with disabilities may find that studying abroad presents a set of challenges to address before and during their time away. Laws and cultural norms that impact accessibility vary from country to country. While potentially challenging, these considerations are manageable and should not inhibit an international experience. In order to best prepare for your experience abroad, it is important to discuss your disability and how it relates to your study abroad experience early-on during the preparation process.

The community of students with disabilities is large and diverse, and we in the CSB/SJU Center for Global Education are dedicated to assisting all of our students in finding a study abroad experience that will be safe, accommodating, and exciting. While the goal is to facilitate reasonable accommodation on any program, there may be some program locations that have an especially successful track record for proactively accommodating disability needs. A study abroad advisor in CGE can help you explore program options and consider how any disability-related needs might be reasonably accommodated depending on the location and program you select.