Australia Housing Preferences & Engagement Survey

Housing Preferences

College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University students will be housed in shared apartments in Rome. Review the Pre-Departure guide for additional information. Please complete the questionnaire below. These questions will help our staff when finalizing your housing placement in Rome.

Please note: Housing preferences are not guaranteed and specific assignments are sent approximately 1-2 weeks before departure.


Do you smoke?
Do you object to a roommate who smokes?
Please note that smoking is NOT permitted in your student housing.
Do you have allergies?

Have you ever lived away from home for more than three weeks at a time?
Do you generally go to bed before or after midnight?
How would you describe your personality?
How many times per week do you consume alcohol?
Are you comfortable living with pets?

Do you have dietary requirements?

Are you currently under medical treatment?

Are you currently under the care of a professional for a psychological or emotional condition?

Do you have any physical or learning disabilites?

Roommate Preference, if known (please write the first and last name(s) of your preferred roommate(s):
Requests must be mutual to be considered and final placements depend on availabillity.