Short-Term: Embedded, Summer & Global Fellowship Program Selection Criteria

Criteria are not listed by order of importance; all are considered as part of a holistic application review.

  1. GPA—minimum of 2.5. If you have a GPA below 2.5, but are not on academic probation, you can apply and your application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Quality of Study Abroad Application Essay and Resume.
  3. Preference is given to qualified seniors, qualified juniors, and qualified sophomores in that order.
  4. Special consideration will be given to students whose study abroad plans were interrupted by COVID-19.
  5. A disciplinary violation could affect acceptance to a study abroad program. A student on disciplinary probation cannot participate on a short-term program.
  6. Qualified Global Fellowship applicants who have never been on a CSB/SJU sponsored Global Fellowship program receive preference over students who have already participated in that type of program. Previous short-term study abroad participation is not factored in these selection criteria.
  7. Quality of Study Abroad Interview (if applicable)*

*Interviews  are only required for Global Fellowships. Directors may elect to conduct interviews for other short-term programs.When a program is filled to capacity, a ranked waiting list of qualified students will be kept to fill any cancellations.

A student cannot be accepted to a program if he/she has not completed the application process.