Short-Term Study Abroad Application- Embedded, Summer & Global Fellowship

What to expect?  Your complete application will include the following:

  1. Online Application: You will be asked a number of demographic questions along with an essay to explain your academic, professional, and personal goals for study abroad.

  2. Photo: You will be asked to upload a PDF photo of yourself. Photo must show head and shoulders of just you. Think passport or driver's license style. Your photo must be of you and no one else. Your head must face the camera directly with your full face in view, centered in the frame. You should crop your picture as a square image.

  3. Transcript: You will need to upload an unofficial copy of your most recent CSB/SJU transcript.  You can use a PDF of your unofficial transcript from Banner for this purpose.

  4. Resume: You will need to upload your resume or CV.  CSB/SJU Experience & Professional Development (XPD) provides assistance in creating a resume for study abroad.

  5. $200 Online Application Fee: You will pay the $200 application fee online, at the end of your application. Have a debit or credit card ready. This fee covers application processing fees, pre-departure and re-entry programming, accident & sickness insurance. This fee is non‑refundable if you are accepted for a program, but will be refunded if you are not accepted or if the program is cancelled.  The $200 application fee is not meant to deter study abroad application. CGE offers a payment plan in which you can spread out your application fee in 2 monthly payments of $100 each.  Please contact the Center for Global Education at (320-363-5952) to set up an appointment to discuss financing study abroad and to be approved for the payment plan.


  • Recommendation Request: Every Global Fellowship applicant is required to have one faculty reference. You should speak with your prospective reference BEFORE listing them on your online application. 

On your behalf, the Center for Global Education will obtain:

Student Conduct Records: this is requested by the Center for Global Education for all applicants. If you have questions or want a copy of your student conduct record prior to submitting your application, please contact the Dean of Students Office below and allow up to 5 business days for any inquiry. 

Marcia Mahlum
CSB Asst Dean of Students

Murray Hall

Ext. 5601

Fr. Ian Dommer, OSB
SJU Asst Director of Student Conduct

Sexton 210B

Ext. 2044