Interview Process

Interviews for students who apply by the Priority Deadline will take place with the faculty director from February 3 - 13, 2023. The faculty director will notify you via email with instructions on how to sign up for the interview.   Interviews will last approximately 15-20 minutes.

The key to any successful interview is PREPARATION. Remember, these are academic programs. When preparing for your study abroad interview, you should have clearly defined goals and objectives for learning, and concrete reasons for why you want to study abroad in that given location. A good rule of thumb is to practice, plan, and organize your thoughts for your study abroad interview, just as you would for a job interview. 

The Experience and Professional Development Office (XPD) student staff conducts practice interviews to help in your preparation. You can set up a practice interview appointment  using Handshake or calling 320-363-5707. Make sure to dress professionally and to read the current events of the host country before the interview.

Here are some examples of questions that will likely be asked during your interview:

  • How will this program fit with your academic plan?
  • How will this experience enhance your future career?
  • What skills, strengths, abilities and characteristics make you a strong applicant?
  • How do you contribute to a group?
  • What do you know about the host country?

You will also be asked specifically to address any violations that you have on your record.