Application FAQ's

Below are a few tips as you complete your application:

(NOTE: open the CSBSJU-Global Portal using the Chrome browser for the best user experience)

1.Missing Recommendations? 

If you requested recommendations, but they have not yet been submitted, you can always open your application and “resend” the recommendation request.  This is especially useful if you requested the recommendations more than 1 week ago – the request may have gotten lost in your recommender’s inbox!

You can complete and submit your application even if you have recommendations that are still outstanding.  Your recommenders will still be able to submit the recommendation forms.

It will not be held against you if your recommenders are late submitting the form.  So long as you have requested your recommendations by the deadline, your application is considered completed.  However, it is to your benefit to have all your recommendations submitted, so do follow up!

2.Recommendation form problems?

If your recommenders are having trouble with the recommendation form, please have them contact [email protected]  We have some troubleshooting ideas we can share!

3.Application Fee Confirmation

a. You will pay your $300 application fee through the CSB/SJU Touchnet system.  This may take 48-72 hours to update in your study abroad application.  Don’t panic if your application still says your online application fee is “not paid” - if you got the email confirmation that your payment was received, you are all set!

b. After you pay your application fee through the CSB/SJU Touchnet system, you need to switch the toggle in the application that verifies you have paid the fee.   This does not happen automatically:

4.GPA not updated?

Log out of the application system, clear your cookies/cache, and log back in.  This should update your GPA and other Banner information!